PHOTOS - City Works Disney Springs adding a new canopy for more covered outdoor seating

Jun 05, 2020 in "City Works Eatery and Pour House"

Canopy construction at City Works Eatery and Pour House
Posted: Friday June 5, 2020 3:18pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

City Works at Disney Springs is making use of the COVID-19 downtime to add more covered outdoor seating.

The original patio has been torn out, and work is underway on adding a second lower canopy over the area.

The end result should see a large covered patio, which will be very useful during these times of increased table spacing.

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DznyGrlSDMar 05, 2020

We ate there Sunday on an impromptu trip to property (we were staying in Fort Pierce). The food was great and my strawberry lemonade cider was excellent. Decent price point too (for Disney). I'll be dining here again.

po1998Mar 04, 2020

Is it Is it just me, or is the majority of the outdoor table and bar seating not covered?

Walt dFeb 28, 2020

Oh” a Sports bar how original! I was hoping for a restaurant called slaters. With nothing but surfing. And the best food ever made. And live wsl on the big big big” screens. Waitresses in bikinis. Some locals in a enclosed glass room showing you how to shape. The best stick. Air brush. And glass. And shape and design your own Fins. Then go to typhoon lagoon for a session.. now” your talking mate. Slaters.. the only place to be. And sorry no wimpy golfers allowed! !!

Hawkeye_2018Feb 12, 2020

could see myself stopping in for a beer and app. looks overpriced for a meal

Andrew CFeb 07, 2020

Not typically...depends on the beer though....

RteetzFeb 07, 2020

No different than a sporting event.

Horizons1Feb 07, 2020

Hope you like paying 10 bucks for one.

wdwmagicFeb 06, 2020

You will like City Works :)

Andrew CFeb 06, 2020

I like beer.