'Highway in the Sky Dine Around' combines monorails and restaurants

Nov 29, 2016 in "Citricos"

Posted: Tuesday November 29, 2016 9:11am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's latest dining offering brings together the Walt Disney World Monorail System and the Magic Kingdom area restaurants.

It has long been a favorite for guests to plan their own eat and drink trip around the monorail circuit, but now for $150 per person, you can eat at three resort hotels, complete with Wishes rooftop firework viewing.

Highway in the Sky Dine-Around is offered Tuesday, Friday and Sunday beginning Dec. 2. Reservations open Nov. 29. (No dine-around between Dec. 18 and Jan. 3). Cost is $150 plus tax and gratuity. Valet parking is included. For reservations, 407-WDW-DINE or online.

Here are the full details.

Your Dine Around adventure begins at Disney's Contemporary Resort, where you’ll check in at The Wave… of American Flavors restaurant. Relax and mingle with your fellow diners, enjoying a welcoming appetizer and specialty cocktail before setting off on your epicurean odyssey. Bon voyage and bon appétit!

First stop: Disney's Polynesian Village Resort—where you’ll feel as if you’ve arrived in a far-flung tropical paradise. Celebrate the spirit of the South Pacific and luxuriate in the charm of this exotic retreat, with an enticing variety of island-inspired libations and appetizers.

Then it’s time for a change of scene and cuisine—as the monorail transports you a world away: to the opulent Victorian-style Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Step inside and step back into a bygone era of elegance and gracious hospitality. You’ll be escorted to the award-winning Cítricos restaurant where we invite you to settle in amid the refined ambience as you’re treated to a special Chef’s main course selection. Afterward, gather in the splendidly appointed lobby to sip champagne and savor a selection of artisanal cheeses.

Board the monorail once more to return to Disney's Contemporary Resort for the culmination of your evening. Here, you and your Dine Around companions will retire to a private patio to enjoy an indulgent assortment of desserts, cordials and coffee. From this exclusive location, watch in wonder as the Wishes nighttime spectacular fireworks light up the night over Cinderella Castle—a musical, magical grand finale to your one-of-a-kind dining adventure.

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brifrazJun 17, 2017

About two hours after I made that post (so about 10am Eastern on 6/16) all the dates opened up. We were quite happy to get exactly what we wanted!

beeJun 17, 2017

I just made a reservation for September. Maybe it was just a technological error?

brifrazJun 16, 2017

Not sure if anybody is still following this event/thread, but...dates have appeared on the website for July through September (every Tuesday through Saturday). However, they do not appear to be open to booking, yet. Either that or magically in the past 24 hours every single day has been booked solid - which we know isn't true, the end of June dates were still available up until a couple weeks ago. Still hoping to score this for the first or second week of July.

Jess GMar 14, 2017

yay!!! you made my day! I had no idea they continued this and almost bought tickets for the celebration at the top but this seems like a much better deal and sounds like the perfect way to end our trip

brifrazMar 14, 2017

Just saw it this morning. We are still hoping it happens during the week of July 4, which is when we will be there...but this is definitely a step closer!

Jess GMar 14, 2017

Awesome! thanks so much for letting me know!!

brifrazMar 14, 2017

FYI - it has been extended through the end of June. Two weeks off around Easter. Pretty much every day in May and June except Sundays and Mondays. There are a couple Saturdays that are off in there as well.

Jess GFeb 11, 2017

@wdwmagic any word on the success of this or if it will continue ?

jpedenJan 18, 2017

Just as an FYI, enough people complained to Disney/George Kalogridis' office that per reports of phone calls and first hand experiences, they put the event back to its original form.

drwadadliJan 16, 2017

I would so love to do with you get to meet and talk to the chefs. That is one reason we did Victoria & Albert's Chef Table

jpedenJan 15, 2017

There has been a major change in this event since it started. The cheese and champagne reception in the tea room no longer occurs. You are now given a plastic goblet of champagne at the Citricos bar and you drink it in the lobby. The cheese board has been eliminated and cheese is now served at the buffet at the dessert party at the Contemporary. When I emailed guest services about this I was told that the Tea room was not unavailable for this event and this was a permanent change and it would not be reversed. I do feel like you are really down to four courses now instead of five. Also, colloquial reports state the desserts have been reduced, but I haven't seen any hard evidence of this (they lady from GS says they were not). I will say that I was given a pretty substantial comp to make up for the difference in the event I booked vs what they're offering now, so because of that I'll probably not cancel, but they aren't offering it to everyone and I just wanted to let people know the event has changed - and for most people it isn't for the better. I'm holding out until more reviews come in on if I will cancel or not.

brifrazJan 14, 2017

Agreed. I've read about 8 different reviews and all have been very positive. Pricing-wise, everyone agrees that this is one of the only add ons that IS a value. If you actually add up the prices of each of the drinks and food (assuming you really eat and drink everything), you are pretty close to the break even point - add in that you are getting to meet the chefs at the different locations, a unique experience, at two locations can actually get 'more' food (desserts) and drinks (champagne), and valet parking...then you are talking about a decent value. Yes, there are better fireworks views, but I don't think that's why most are doing it. We are going in July and hoping they add more dates without increasing the price. Since they have already increased the number of days they are doing it in February and March, the demand is obviously very high. And, we all know what that means will happen to the price!

jpedenJan 14, 2017

All the reviews that have come in have said it was a wonderfully managed event with really good reviews on the food and drinks. Also, I've seen some breakdowns of the expected prices of all of these items a la carte and based on that the Dine Around is actually a pretty good deal.

drwadadliJan 13, 2017

Has anyone here personally tried this yet? What is your opinion? It seems pricey for would be cheaper to do by yourself. If you are DVC member, you would a better view at BLT DVC lounge versus the balcony off concourse at CR. Except for the special chef's menu, I am not really this is worth the extra money, and this is coming from someone that is a foodie and typically loves things like this.