Citricos to reopen at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort with a hint of Mary Poppins

Jun 29, 2021 in "Citricos"

Citricos reopening July 2021
Posted: Tuesday June 29, 2021 4:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Citricos at Disney's Grand Floridan Resort will reopen to guests on July 15 with new decor paying homage to 'Mary Poppins Returns.'

According to Disney, "taking subtle cues from the movie's animated sequence, the dining room brings guests into a fanciful garden setting where you can 'trip a little light fantastic' as you experience the restaurant surrounded by the glow from decorative lamps and chandeliers."

Chef Andres Mendoza has created a new menu with starters like Sweet Corn Bisque with pickled fennel, popcorn, and fennel oil and a colorful Strawberry Salad with chamomile-infused goat cheese, frisée lettuce, bacon vinaigrette, and spiced sunflower seeds.

Entrées include Butter-poached Florida Cobia with mashed fingerling potatoes, grilled asparagus, and local mushrooms with a grapefruit beurre blanc or a delicious Guava Barbequed Short Ribs with aged cheddar creamy grits, roasted poblano, curtido slaw, and Brussels sprouts.

Pastry Chef Kristine Farmer's dessert creations include Warm Apple Rose with seasonal apple, marzipan layers, and frozen coconut milk and the Chocolate Torte, a dark chocolate financier, dark cherry compote, and vanilla bean mascarpone cream.

A new and exclusive Sommelier Room at Cítricos will allow Sommelier Israel Perez and his team to source boutique wines that pair with special creations from Chef Andres.

Here is a look at the full reopening menu for Citricos.

The restaurant originally closed in early 2020 to begin the refurbishment, but the closure was greatly extended due to the COVID-19 shutdown.

Cítricos will open on July 15, with bookings available on July 1.

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Richie248Aug 29, 2021

Had a fabulous meal here last week! The food was delicious, service was terrific and loved the zero-proof cocktail menu! Ambiance was gorgeous and can't wait to return.

Tony the TiggerAug 29, 2021

According to my server last night (who asked someone else) they are shooting for 9/22 for the Sommelier Room. @lentesta I agree about the hamachi appetizer - very good but did not require dipping into the sauce, it could not stand up to it. The croquette with the short rib was a highlight, and a bite with both together was scrumptious. Also loved the way the fingerling potatoes with the cobia functioned almost like stuffing. The pasta with the duck was better than the duck.

Richie248Jul 25, 2021

So excited to try this. Those zero proof cocktails sound delicious. Can't wait to try them. Wish other restaurants would have a more robust zero-proof cocktail menu.

durangojimJul 25, 2021

Ate there last night with my wife and it was wonderful! The décor is beautiful and not in your face with the Mary Poppins stuff at all. Food was excellent, service was great and we’ll definitely be going back when we’re here in October. One nice thing is that for people who don’t drink alcohol (which I’m one of now since the pandemic began,) they had a great selection of what they call “Zero proof cocktails”. These were like real cocktails with actual thought put into them and unique ingredients, not like the “let’s take some soda and pour some juice into it and call it a mocktail” that so many other restaurants do.

lentestaJul 19, 2021

Yep - we should have a blog post up this week.

LittleBufordJul 19, 2021

Thank you!

durangojimJul 19, 2021

I know during the 90s and early 2000s for sure

durangojimJul 19, 2021

Can’t wait to dine there Thursday night!

HeartOfTeFitiJul 19, 2021

Thank you so much for steering us back to the topic. (Not that I didn't enjoy the bedspread and curtain discussions, but still :) ) Edited to add: So happy to read this comprehensive and positive review. Citricos was the first Disney signature restaurant that we ever ate at. We loved it back then but it eventually slipped down on our return trip priority list. This informative review gives me hope that our next visit will once again be amazing!

JenniferSJul 19, 2021

Are there photos somewhere? PLEASE tell me there are photos somewhere. 🙏🏻

lentestaJul 18, 2021

Anyway, I went to Citricos on Friday and it was very good. Everything was cooked properly. Nothing was bad ... only a couple of things were not above average in our collective opinions. That said, I'm pretty sure the staff knew we were there to review the food because we ordered almost everything ... for 3 people. So take all of this with a grain of salt. Here are the highlights from the menu, from the notes of one of my dining companions, with my comments in blue: Appetizers Strawberry Salad - a true love note to the old menu! I didn't get the chamomile in the goat cheese (love the tea / Poppins suggestion here!!) but the entire plate was stunning tastes and visuals. Spunky frisée, salty bacon vinaigrette, and sweet strawberries. The whole thing looked like a spring wreath and was nearly too pretty to eat. $16 (Len: This is one of the 3 things each of us would order again right now) Sweet Corn Bisque - I love a dish with drama and the whole show of pouring the sweet soup over the fennel, popcorn, and dill did not disappoint. Simple and wonderful. Piquant flavors from the dill, crunch from the fennel and popcorn, and sweet corn. So well thought out. $14 Wild Mushroom Arancini - Plant-based - don't be put off by the mention of truffle aioli - it's very mild. Anyone with a yen for stronger truffle flavors should order the mac and cheese. Delicious, filling, a crunchy exterior and a silky, delicious bite. $14 Berkshire Pork Belly - 100% would order this every single time. Pork Belly is everywhere on every menu, but not like this. Enough to share, stunning visually, delicious, strong flavors. The Boniato and Plantain Croquette is so original and so very good. Perfectly fried panko breading (?) and a creamy filling on the croquette. $17 Smoked Duck - I don't enjoy duck, but this was smoky and delicate. I do, however, appreciate a properly made pasta. The tagliatelle is house-made and fresh and has the most wonderful bite and chew. I would have been happy with an entire bowl of the pasta with the Purée. $18 (Len's note: this was my second-favorite appetizer after the strawberry salad.) Hamachi - very, very strong citrus flavors that overwhelm the hamachi. It's all delicious but you skim over the hamachi with the strong flavors of the blood-orange. $21 (Len's note: this is the one thing we all rated lower on our list. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. We all thought the blood orange taste was strong for the fish.) Entrees Roulade of Chicken - dear sweet baby Poppins. This is the single best chicken dish I've ever had on property. It's just as heavy and filling as the short ribs but created so beautifully and in such an original way that it is well worth the price of $38. Or more. I actually said the words "this kale is delicious" - words that no other human has ever muttered - I'm sure. Gorgeously plated and it tasted even better. The fanciest Thanksgiving dinner I've ever had and I can't wait to go back. (Len: We all had this as #1 on our list.) Tilefish- my favorite fish dish of the night. The "risotto" was so impressive and the thick, seared crust on the fish sealed in the most buttery, flaky bites of fresh seafood happiness. I loved this and think it's worth the steep price. $46 (Len: This was my #2 of entree of the night as well.) Cobia - This dish was my 3rd favorite entree, but it was still stunning. The grapefruit beurre blanc and the obvious glaze of good quality butter to cook the fish make the dish. I will probably never get to this one again because I so loved the Tilefish and Chicken, but if someone at my table orders it I will sneak a bite the minute it is served - when the fish is at its most splendid. $42 Rigatoni - Plant-based at its most spectacular. Every single bite was delightful. Far too much for one person if you're planning to share a first course and a dessert. Note the different sizes of the rigatoni pasta - the hallmark of handmade! This is better to me than the rigatoni at Topolino's - an opinion that is sure to get me shunned. $34 (Len: On a different night I might have ranked the rigatoni higher. It's comfort food and it was too hot outside for that for me.) Short Ribs - this would be the one entree I would skip, simply because it was so heavy and didn't feel like the right balance to the atmosphere and the rest of the menu. Maybe it was the grits that made it seem like the odd dish out, but I wouldn't get this again simply because I can get short ribs prepared similarly well at other locations. There are too many other, far more special dishes to try here. $50 (Len: I think we all had this as 5th out of the 5 we tried. It came off as heavy on a hot night, and we'd already had great meat appetizers in the pork belly and smoked duck. So don't do that combination of appetizers and entrees.) Len: We didn't order either steak. I'm sure they're good. Enhancements Truffle Mac and Cheese - very tasty but SO SO strong and a wee bit played out as a concept. Skip. $21 Grilled Potatoes - I wasn't a huge fan just because I had too many other things worthy of the calories, but I see the value in the dish. It was beautiful and very good. $11 Smoked Cauliflower - this is the side not to skip. This is the most dolled-up cauliflower has ever been and it's a good value at $9.00 (Len: The best of the enhancements to me. Comes with a curry sauce that's spicy with heat at the end.) Desserts Apple Rose - I LOVE marzipan and thought this complete bit - the apple, the jam, the sauce, and the frozen coconut milk together were so delightful! Not too sweet to overshadow the apples. Lovely $13 (Len: Marizpan tastes "flat" to me, so as a dessert this required the coconut. And it was good like that, but I hate mixing wet food with dry - it's an abomination and I will not be taking questions - so this was not my jam.) Chocolate Torte - the cocoa pattern on the plate matches the organized chaos of the wall that separates the rooms and evening transition. An English country garden in all its glory - the leaves, the ruffled chocolate work at the top of the of the torte in full bloom! This is the most stunning food-as-art item on the menu and should be ordered just for the presentation. While the financier is a French pastry, they put an English twist on it with the cherries and the heavy sweetness. It's far too rich and sweet for one but should be ordered no matter how many people are in your party. A dish to impress! $14 (Len: I literally asked this person "Do you also dislike puppy dogs, rainbows, and love?" There's a lot to like in these flavors. On a cooler night, with some strong coffee, this would've been a higher choice. The cocoa pattern on the plate is a great touch from the pastry team - it shows they're thinking.) Blackberry Tartlette - they should bottle the violet glacage. I may have exclaimed a little louder than is appropriate in public when I saw how this was presented. Our lovely pal, Robin, who is a self-proclaimed "cheese for dessert" supporter said this was her favorite dish because of its gentle flavor. This is the exact opposite of the Torte so I say get both for the contrast. $12 (Len: My #2 dessert of the evening.) Flan - 100% our favorite dessert ever! It was really more of a creme brulee but it was fantastic!! The orange flavors are happy and bright and a shock when you look at the appearance of this dish compared to the other dishes on the sweet side of the menu. This is totally a romantic and food-addled notion, but this dish is Mary Poppins herself. Plain, serviceable on the outside, but full of tricks and magic when you get to know it. Corny, but true. Even if you're testing the limits of your elastic, order this and try it. Box up the rest. $13 (Len: My #1 dessert. If you want to honor the original concept of Citricos, you end the meal with this.) Boxed truffles at the end of the meal - this sweet lagniappe is the "spoonful of sugar" without being so obvious or kitsch. My immediate thought when I saw the tiny box of 2 chocolate truffles was of favors at a wedding. The meal and decor are so well thought out and wonderful that it really did feel like a celebration - especially with the fireworks and water pageant. The chocolates were a charming way to end the evening. They really did think of everything and I can't wait to go back. (Len: Israel, formerly of Victoria & Albert's, is running Citricos for the moment, and this is a move straight from V&A's.)

UNCgolfJul 18, 2021

The one in the US isn't a luxury hotel -- don't know about the other one, although I should have specified American hotels to begin with because I think the design aesthetics in the US and UK were pretty different. I also don't think it looks that similar to the Grand Floridian room, although it's harder to tell since it's in B&W and it's difficult to make out the patterns/color scheme. The only thing that really reminds me of the GF room in that American hotel is the headboard. It looks like a plain color wall and carpet, for one, and everything looks very dark. The UK hotel definitely looks similar, though.

UNCgolfJul 18, 2021

I really don't think that's the case. You were not going to find anything that looked like that Grand Floridian room in a new luxury hotel in the late 1980s or early 1990s. That is not the aesthetic they were using. They were definitely interpretations that were heavily influenced by the time period when the rooms were built, but they generally had a clearer theming intent than the current rooms. That doesn't mean the rooms were all successful, of course.