PHOTOS - Big River Grille and Brewing Works reopens on Disney's BoardWalk

Feb 23, 2021 in "Big River Grille & Brewing Works"

Big River Grille and Brewing Works overview
Posted: Tuesday February 23, 2021 12:47pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Big River Grille and Brewing Works has reopened on Disney's BoardWalk after a year-long closure.

The restaurant closed back in early 2020 and its future remained uncertain as the vast majority of all other third party operated restaurants reopened following the COVID-19 shutdown. The BoardWalk area was hit particularly hard during the height of the pandemic, with Ample Hills permanently closing, and Flying Fish, Jelly Rolls and ESPN Club still closed.

Operation hours are currently 11am to 10pm weekdays, and 11am to 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

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DVCakaCarlFFeb 25, 2021

And spring break

DVCakaCarlFFeb 25, 2021

They likely got some PPP in this latest relief and needed to open to utilize it, especially for hospitality multiplier of 2.5-3.

castlecake2.0Feb 24, 2021

I wonder with flying fish and ESPN both still closed this might help them for a while. Not sure what occupancy in the crescent lake area is right now though. also off topic, but I always felt that the boardwalk was never fully realized in its potential. I always felt it could be a Disney Springs lite but they kinda just let it fizzle.

PlowboyFeb 24, 2021


Epcotfan21Feb 23, 2021

I'm actually really surprised this re-opened. Would have thought it would be a great opportunity for a new restaurant/re-theme.

SirwalterraleighFeb 23, 2021

Get flying fish going...or espn...still good news

ParentsOf4Feb 22, 2021

The Big River Grille website now lists hours for their Orlando location. Also, no longer listed as "Temporarily Unavailable" on the official WDW website. @wdwmagic, time to post an update?

DisDadWozFeb 22, 2021

So I heard they reopened yesterday. Is that correct?

ParentsOf4Feb 07, 2021

Big River Grille posted job openings on Indeed for their Lake Buena Vista location

hijinxFeb 07, 2021

NiarrNDisneyJan 10, 2021

Should BRG&BW close I hope the Mouse will consider opening a Tap House in its place that serves local Florida Breweries as well as their own beers featured in the parks that are made by the local purveyors. With a menu featuring Charcuterie boards, tapas, and some entrees usually found at a brewery/restaurant (even something akin to Baseline, Geyser Point and Jock Lindsey's) I think it would be a great concept and fit for the Boardwalk.

MickeyLuv'rJan 10, 2021

It was also nice having a place that didn't require ADR's. Admittedly, it has been some time since I ate there though.

DisDadWozJan 09, 2021

Personally, just having a lounge-type location that has drinks and appetizers would be great there. Enjoy the Boardwalk while having a beer outside is what we've enjoyed.