Big River Grille and Brewing Works to close at Walt Disney World

Jan 18, 2024 in "Big River Grille & Brewing Works"

Posted: Thursday January 18, 2024 4:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Big River Grille & Brewing Works at Disney's BoardWalk Resort will close at the end of operations on January 21, 2024.

The third-party operated restaurant offered an indoor dining area and a waterfront outdoor patio serving twists on American pub classics, and handcrafted ales and lagers brewed on the premises.

Big River Grille and Brewing Work reopened in February 2021 after a year-long closure following the pandemic.

No word yet on any plans for a permanent replacement, but Disney has said that beginning January 22, food trucks will be available for additional lunch options at the BoardWalk.

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Club CooloholicMar 11, 2024

Somebody really likes his cake!

peter11435Mar 10, 2024

Imagine if there were options across Walt Disney World. Different resorts, restaurants, and entertainment offerings intended to appeal to different people. Maybe others don’t like the things that appeal to you and your family and maybe the cake shop appeals to them.

peter11435Mar 10, 2024

It’s a boardwalk. Literally anything fits .

PlowboyFeb 25, 2024

Read about this a couple of weeks ago. While BRG would never be confused with "fine dining", we liked it as our arrival night go to. We usually had a salad and a couple of drinks. It was perfect after a 6 hr flight.

happybear025Feb 15, 2024

Oh come on, whenever I go on vacation, the first thing I think is: "where can I purchase a giant, expensive specialty cake to carry with me back to my hotel room and devour or to cram into my mini-fridge to forge off of in bits and pieces throughout my stay?" This place seems like a French-themed Cheesecake Factory type thing? It is themed so aggressively that I worry it would be alienating; not to be sexist but not sure my husband and Dad are going to have a French Bakery with tiny marble tables, fussy throw pillows and pink flowers as a go-to spot for dinner or lunch any time soon. 😆 Also, I love the idea of a High Tea, but of course it being on Disney it begs the immediate question: Where are Alice or the Princesses??

happybear025Feb 15, 2024

I watched the 2018 NFL playoffs on the Boardwalk. This was either right after ESPN shutdown or they were having a private event. They had put up a giant movie screen inside Jellyrolls. No food and no wait staff (order from the bar), but they encouraged you to walk over to Big River and order To-Go from THEIR bar and bring it back to eat at your Jellyroll's table. Also watched the 2017 TN @ Florida game at Big River sitting at the Bar. That was a wild game and the entire bar area, including the bartenders, got really into the big plays. Both were a really fun time. Agree with the other poster tho that Big River was never set up well as a Sports Bar - the space is too awkwardly placed and the sound echo was awful.

FsunolekrwJan 26, 2024

Really need to turn the space into breakfast spot / late night shore side diner. Would make a lot of money serving breakfast in the morning to people before they hit the parks and everyone with late night munchies after the parks have closed. Doesn’t even have to be super late, maybe until like 11:00 or midnight.

Club CooloholicJan 25, 2024

Remember when food trucks were something you would hit for lunch or breakfast at work? I am cool with food trucks, but in Florida, on a hot day, I don't want to stand outside one and then go sit on a bench to eat.

surfsupdonJan 25, 2024

I can agree with you. The old Boardwalk To-Go cart (which I think is no more) was the only Disney operated place that had mozzie sticks, sandwiches, and snacks late into the night. Drives me nuts how Disney Resorts shut down food service pretty much after 10p.

BocabearJan 25, 2024

You have the times wrong... The trucks would do well from 9:00pm-12:00am Those are the times you can't get anything to eat after the parks close... which is what is needed.... But I REALLY hate food trucks on the Boardwalk... They have the space available, just put in a new venue... And really something that is not "Irish Food" or "Italian Food" or "Seafood"... Just a regular place where you can get breakfast or sandwiches or dinner entrees all day long... I would even advocate taking Atlantic Dance Hall and turning it into a spectacular Art-Deco Diner by the shore... Which would become the food hub for the resorts all on the lake.

harrykJan 24, 2024

Possibly bring in a 'Kinsales' - a little Irish Pub food would be just fine. Don't need another Italian spot or a fast food deal.

ParentsOf4Jan 22, 2024

HakunamatataJan 22, 2024

That was before I moved here.

LilofanJan 22, 2024

One of the last things I would do is eating at a food truck after a long hot day at Epcot. Some cold beers at the resort hotel swimming pool would be my option to end our evening.