Everything you need to know about lunch reservations and ordering at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Feb 25, 2015 in "Be Our Guest Restaurant"

Posted: Wednesday February 25, 2015 1:16pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Lunch reservations at Be Our Guest Restaurant are available from today for all Magic Kingdom guests, and we've got a complete guide to answer the most common questions about the process.

How far out can I make reservations?

The standard 180 day booking window applies just like at table service restaurants.

How do I make a lunch reservation at Be Our Guest?

You can call 407-WDW-DINE or use the My Disney Experience app or disneyworld.com website. 

Is a credit card guarantee required?

Yes. As with other dining reservations, a credit card is needed at the time of placing the reservation, and a $10 no-show fee per guest is charged if the reservation is not cancelled the day before the reservation.

Is a table reserved for me?

No, the restaurant remains quick service for lunch, meaning you will find your own table once inside.

How does the pre-ordering process work?

Using My Disney Experience you can pre-order your food from the menu 30 days in advance, up to 5 minutes prior to the reservation. Orders made ahead of time can be customized, including providing allergy information.

If you do not place an order ahead of time, you will be able to use self service kiosks inside the restaurant to place the order on arrival.

Do I pay when I place my pre-order?

No, the payment is not made at the time of ordering the food ahead of the reservation time. Payment is made at the restaurant.

Is alcohol available at lunch?

No. Alcoholic drinks are only available at dinner.

Is the Disney Dining Plan accepted at lunch?

Yes, one quick service or table service entitlement per guest during lunch.

Are characters present at lunch?

No, there are no characters during the lunch period. The Beast makes appearances at dinner only.

If I don't have a reservation are walk-ups possible?

Technically walk-ups are still being offered, although due to the popularity of the restaurant, walk-up availability is expected to be very limited on most days.

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pobutreFeb 26, 2015

ALERT: I managed to get a lunch reservation so I'm cancelling my reservation for 4pm on March 12 right now. Maybe somebody can go and grab it!

TuvaluFeb 26, 2015

I am sure you will have success later tonight when you call. CMs always seem to be able to work through the wonky system. Good luck with the new job possibility!

SarahRaeFeb 26, 2015

I can't tie up my phone! I've been playing phone tag with someone who seems to want to hire me, and the last voicemail I told them that I would have my phone beside me all day today. Not Disney's fault, but definitely not helping my stress levels. I'll try to call for a reservation this evening though.

TuvaluFeb 26, 2015

Call...even if you have to wait on hold, you can pass the time doing something other than banging your head against your computer. ;)

SarahRaeFeb 26, 2015

I'm still having problems :banghead: I'm trying to get a lunch for 5 people, May 3-9. Yesterday nothing was coming up, and today the website keeps giving me error messages and kicking me off. The app won't even let me try to find a table. This is so frustrating.

BrianVFeb 26, 2015

We felt the food was the best quick service food we'd had in the MK for sure. Maybe not a high bar. Add to that it is a pretty cool interior.

GonegrrlFeb 26, 2015

I finally got my resevation for the exact day and exact time I wanted in March!!!!

TuvaluFeb 26, 2015

We go for the food.

xdan0920Feb 26, 2015

True. However, it is a resturant, so the food is an important element.

JahonaFeb 26, 2015

It's in response to the one above me where the article talks about the food. I probably should have quoted it when I replied.

xdan0920Feb 26, 2015


JahonaFeb 26, 2015

You don't really go to Be Our Guest for the food. I know crazy right? You go for the experience and atmosphere that the amazing imagineers created. At least this has always been my thought on why I go to BoG.

hokielutzFeb 26, 2015

My DW found this opinion article about the most overrated things at WDW... which I thought was hilarious given the insane scramble yesterday for ADRs at BOG. http://www.disneydining.com/top-10-overrated-things-walt-disney-world/ 10. Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom) "I can hear you screaming at the computer. But, when you consider the difficulty in getting a dinner reservation (often impossible even at 180 days out), and the long line to get in for lunch it is hard to say that the food and experience live up to all of that. There is the FastPass+ option for lunch for onsite guests, so that is a good way to get in to do this. And I do feel that the atmosphere inside is spectacular. The food at dinner I felt was a little too salty, and although I have been a big fan of lunch for several trips our last trip I was disappointed."

HouCuseChickieFeb 26, 2015

I still have flashbacks from that insane morning! :in pain: