Scaffolding up at the Magic Kingdom's 'Be Our Guest Restaurant' as exterior refurbishment gets underway

7 days ago in "Be Our Guest Restaurant"

Be Our Guest exterior refurbishment - July 21 2021
Posted: Wednesday July 21, 2021 10:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

An exterior refurbishment is underway at Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland.

Scaffolding is now up around the rockwork on the left side of the entrance.

Be Our Guest Restaurant is the second of the exterior refreshes in the area, following the refurbishment of Bonjour Village Gifts earlier in the year.

Despite the exterior work underway, the restaurant is open to guests as usual during the work.

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owlsandcoffee5 days ago

The "good news" is these things could always be plussed: replace the castle, make an actual BatB ride (there is room), put a ride into Storybook Circus, etc.

JoeCamel5 days ago

Remember the climate at the time. We got half a mine train, an uninspired mermaid with a good queue and a quick serve masquerading as fine dining. Everything in NFL was managed to fit the budget. Lots could have been done but after seeing the massive hole in the ground there I can see where the money went.

owlsandcoffee5 days ago

That's what I was talking about! It's awesome right??? Now imagine that instead of the first tier at the ground level it was rock work and the castle looked like it was popping out of the rock from behind. Would be a lot more believable than what we got. I really love what Tokyo did.

Homer fan5 days ago

That is amazing!

G00fyDad5 days ago

I get why they did it. They do not want two competing castles at the same park. But this is exactly what they should have done:

JohnD5 days ago

Homer fan5 days ago

Understood...I think the issue for me is, it doesn't look as far away as it was intended when you are close (based on the size of the castle). So it's supposed to look like it's maybe a mile up the mountain, but it looks much closer and just looks like a tiny castle. I dunno, maybe because it's so high up, it was never going to work from all angles like Cinderella’s Castle or Main St.

owlsandcoffee6 days ago

One trick would be to have less of the castle, like the top fifth, larger and set back.

James Alucobond6 days ago

I agree that it doesn't quite work at certain points on approach, but I'm not sure it's entirely fixable either, because enlarging it might actually break the illusion even more by changing the scale relative to the surrounding "mountains". I actually think it's quite decent from pretty much everywhere on the other side of the bridge, which is where the majority of guests will view it.

jmuboy6 days ago

To be fair they will be celebrating 50 until they are 52 😂

JohnD7 days ago

Can WDW celebrate the 50th every year? It seems that is the only way to get them to spruce up the place.

ABQ7 days ago

Topic adjacent, how long has the scaffolding and scrim been up at the train station? Seems like eons already.

owlsandcoffee7 days ago

If you want to see Beast's Castle with proper forced perspective...look at Tokyo. Not saying it needs to be like that but the model needed to be much more detailed, especially considering that the "cave entrance" that's so far away from the castle leads you...right into the castle.

Homer fan7 days ago

I understand what they were trying to do, but I just don't think it works. It looks like a tiny castle on top of a big building. I think they could've at least doubled the size of it, to make it more believable.