Scaffolding down at Be Our Guest Restaraunt reveals restored Beast's castle that looks better than ever

Sep 10, 2021 in "Be Our Guest Restaurant"

Completed Be Our Guest Restaurant castle refurbishment - September 2021
Posted: Friday September 10, 2021 8:53am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The restoration of Beast's castle at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom is nearing completion, with all scaffolding now removed.

The castle is looking better than ever, with improved detailing over the original version.

Here is a quick comparison of the updated version from September 2021, and below it the original version taken during the opening year in 2009.

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James AlucobondSep 29, 2021

The final touches are going on today as the portcullis and its towers are repainted.

BocabearSep 13, 2021

I think you are absolutely right on that! The forced perspective is not so successful in the case of this castle...It needed to be a little bigger and it needs a little more integration into the mountainside... somehow... Maybe if we get a version of the Beauty and the Beast ride they will revisit the castle... but until then I think it is what it is... Looks better though...

cookiee_munsterSep 13, 2021

It seems almost like they tried to go with a castle that was more fitting to the forced perspective rules of trying to stick to less detail and not looking so vibrant etc but then essentially giving in to public demand of customers wanting pictures of a really beautiful castle during their trip and so the castle was repainted and given more details to be more photo friendly... That Paris version is stunning.

BocabearSep 13, 2021

Seriously should have looked more like the Disneyland Paris version...

RSoxNo1Sep 11, 2021

I know this castle was intended to be a force perspective castle, but they didn't get the scale correct. It's too small.

markhamSep 10, 2021

I’ve always found it so interesting that the Beast’s castle from Storybookland at Disneyland Paris is a fraction of the size, yet much more detailed. I’d love to know why they chose to do it that way. 🤔

Tony the TiggerSep 10, 2021

I probably wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t told me! But it looks nice. 🙂

BocabearSep 10, 2021

It should have been completely replaced...Something slightly larger and maybe a lot more attractive. but that's just me...

Walt dSep 10, 2021

It should never, over shadow the other castle..

owlsandcoffeeSep 10, 2021

This is such an amazing improvement. Nice job WDI

James AlucobondSep 09, 2021

I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think it's actually done. The main castle looks complete to me, but I think the portcullis and the adjacent towers still need to be reworked. The roof of the tower on the right in particular looks like it's the result of flaking from powerwashing rather than intentional distressing. I'm thinking they just don't need the scaffolding anymore to reach that area. I do agree that the roof, weathering, and trompe l'oeil architectural details look much better now, though.

hpyhnt 1000Sep 09, 2021

Bear in mind camera settings and lighting conditions can have a sizable impact, but a comparison of the castle using photos from @wdwmagic when it was new in 2012 vs. post 2021 refurb. 2012: 2021: The 2021 version looks nicer to me. Better detailed and more realistic snow and weathering effects. The mini-trees are better, too.

Magicart87Sep 09, 2021

G00fyDadSep 09, 2021

Still should have been a full size castle. ☹️