Be Our Guest Restaurant confirmed to end breakfast and become table service only

Jun 22, 2020 in "Be Our Guest Restaurant"

Posted: Monday June 22, 2020 3:39pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Be Our Guest Restaurant will drop breakfast and become table service only when it reopens to guests on July 11 2020.

The news isn't unexpected, as the Union that represents Cast Members at the restaurant had previously stated it would be table service only, but we now have confirmation that this will indeed be the case.

Social distancing requirements will be easier to manage in a table service setting, but of course quick service lunch could return should restrictions be lifted at some point in the future.

Reservations are not yet available, although Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests can now make reservations to enter the Magic Kingdom.

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Yellow ShoesJul 05, 2020

I loved BoG lunch--definitely a step up from Cosmic Ray's. I've also noticed that for my Sept 20, 2020 trip, the only lunch option at Liberty Tree is the all you can eat Patriot Platter rather than the 6-8 sandwiches/ salads, fish and chips selections. I am thinking (hoping!) that the limited menus are a temporary thing for now as a reflection of this transition to being open again.

AugieMoroscoJul 05, 2020

I've heard lots of complaints about the breakfast at BoG, but I found it rather enjoyable. Can't say the same for any meal at Cosmic Ray's. The BoG breakfast was stupid expensive, though a great use of a QS credit. If paying out of pocket, I saw it more as a $15 meal with a $15 surcharge to skip the rope drop crowd. I'd much rather see it go QS all the time, but I'm sure it will depend on demand as a TS. Good time for Disney to test the waters.

Mickey PrideJul 05, 2020

This is my opinion on the Be Our Guest breakfast as it is nothing more than a typical breakfast that I could make at home and is way over priced. I understand that the atmosphere is a part of the experience, but for those kind of prices I want my eggs made better than what I myself can make on my own stove. I do not have any issues with the Dinner or Lunch, but I don't have a problem with the breakfast hitting the road for good.

Queen of the WDW SceneJun 26, 2020

Not to mention the dinner menu is pretty blah IMO anyway.

Jon81ukJun 26, 2020

I think a majority of people would rather it went the other way and was quick service all the time. Dinner is already too expensive.

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsJun 25, 2020

Given all of this? Is it time to do the hard work, and just elevate food quality, service, and price to make BOG into the true SIG it should have been, all along? Just askin....

The ColonelJun 25, 2020

Barf Or Gag Barf or Gag and the waitress is a hag She'll dose you up with virus and you'll need vomit bag Cold hot food, look it's turned and the coffee's pretty burned In an hour you'll be heaving and then comes the diarrhea It's a sin, its a crime There's better grub on Rikers Isle and it doesn't even cost an arm and leg Now they want two credits for food that's pathetic Barf or Gag Barf or Gag Please Baaaarf or Gaaaaag!!!!! __________________

Queen of the WDW SceneJun 24, 2020

Well this stinks. BOG QS lunch has been my favorite meal of my trips since opening day 2012. The menu and the price does not appeal to me. Looks like I won't be enjoying a meal there again. I guess that's what they were hoping lol.

rustincohleJun 24, 2020

I'll be gutted if this is permanent. Coming from the UK we usually have a free QS dining plan, and the PPO breakfast was super helpful for touring and a decent use of a credit (awful value out of pocket though). Plus, we genuinely got a couple of empty castle photos last time at the bottom of Main Street.

CaptainAmericaJun 24, 2020

I don't have a big sweet tooth, I'm more of a savory eggs and potatoes guy.

Fox&HoundJun 24, 2020

Have you tried Gaston's cronut/french toast meal? Heaven...

MarvelCharacterNerdJun 24, 2020

I've kind of been expecting this for a long time for them to go fully table service all day long. But it's still a loss if it stays that way - and I wouldn't be surprised if it did. But for me, lunch at BOG at least once and sometimes twice a trip is a highlight. Both for the theming and yes, the food at a not bad price. I like the lunch and dessert options there whereas the dinner menu never called me. I'm going to have to think long and hard next trip (which granted won't be for a while) if I should skip a meal there entirely. It would be incredibly sad to not get to eat in the beautiful ballroom or especially the amazing West Wing, but I usually do one expensive signature meal per trip (elsewhere) and try to keep the rest of my eating options more reasonable price-wise. Guess I'll just have to wait and see if I can do two splurge meals in a trip just to enjoy the location. But it would truly turn BOG into the Orlando equivalent of Blue Bayou - you're paying for the atmosphere a lot more than for the food.

MrPromeyJun 23, 2020

I guess it does. I can't remember the last time I had a good experience at Cosmic Rays day or night. Meal time always feels like a cattle-call in there to me. Dinner for us (usually a party of 4 or less) has always been just as bad as lunch with the only reasonable times being that window between 2-5 when most people aren't looking for either meal. (and the quality of the food not improved, of course) I've never experienced breakfast at any of the parks so I'll take your word for how bad it was - I believe you simply because I've always thought their fast-service offerings have been run with a sort of "you're here - what other choice do you have?" business approach. I've just accepted it as such that while in the parks, we'll pay $15-$20 per head to get a meal with soda for food we'd sooner shove in the trash than into our mouths in most other situations with Be Our Guest and maybe Satu'li Canteen being exceptions.* *Okay, that was a little over-dramatic in the trash/mouth comparison, I'll admit, but I think you can see my point.

CaptainAmericaJun 23, 2020

I guess my main point is that both locations vary dramatically from meal to meal. Be Our Guest breakfast is, in my opinion, the worst and most outrageously priced experience on property, and one of the few things that I think Disney should be legitimately ashamed of. I agree with your description of Cosmic Ray's at lunch time, but they serve a different menu at dinner and I've never waited in line or had trouble finding a table for my travel party, which often means multiple tables together for a group of 8 to 10.