Be Our Guest Restaurant closing for short refurbishment in August

Jul 16, 2018 in "Be Our Guest Restaurant"

Posted: Monday July 16, 2018 8:44am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Be Our Guest Restaurant is planned to be closing for a 4 day refurbishment in late August.

Be Our Guest Restaurant will be closed August 20 to August 24, with a. reopening to guests on August 25 2018.

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Horizons '83Aug 15, 2018

Well, its no longer listed on the Refurbishments page on the TA website. Its a safe bet that it was called off.

Hula PopperAug 13, 2018

Wednesday night a Reservations telephone rep told me that Guest Services confirmed it was closed for refurbishment from the 20th to 24th and that the system shouldn't have allowed me to make a reservation during that time. We kept our reservation just in case. Has it been confirmed that the refurbishment has been cancelled? I'll try calling again tonight for an update and see what they say.

RSoxNo1Aug 11, 2018

So looks like this refurb was cancelled?

ToTBellHopAug 09, 2018

Lumiere got everything fixed up.

Gabe1Aug 09, 2018

A few days ago it just quietly disappeared off Disney’s refurbishment schedule

wdwmagicAug 08, 2018

That whole thing was weird. I never saw anything through my usual channels that it was ever happening.

ToTBellHopAug 08, 2018

Thank you! This website always gets the news first. Ever since I saw the new BoG menu, I wanted to eat there but reservations were no where to be found. Sure enough, they opened up today for those dates and I got one 8/23. YAAASS!

disneypearlAug 08, 2018

It looks like the refurbishment was cancelled? I was able to make a lunch reservation for August 20.

PhonedaveJul 18, 2018

If they are offering a new menu, and they need to swap out equipment on the line because of it, then that may be the case. Swap some equipment, and clean the whole kitchen top-to bottom while they are at it. -dave

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsJul 17, 2018

hmmmmm - it takes about four days to do a proper cleaning.

Jambo JoeJul 17, 2018

Interestingly that’s right AFTER they switch to the new prix-fixe two credit menu in late July. Odd.

networkproJul 16, 2018

I'm up for swapping out the whole menu.

Horizons '83Jul 16, 2018

Sorry! Should have put that in the original post!

turnip27Jul 14, 2018

It’s on the Disney site main page at the top...