Disney's Hollywood Studios Ronto Roasters and Pizze Rizzo to reduce operating hours, Backlot Express to increase hours

27 days ago in "Backlot Express"

New operating hours at three Disney's Hollywood Studios restaurants comes into effect on Sunday October 4 2020.

Backlot Express operating hours will increase to extend closing to 5pm from 4pm.

Pizza Rizzo will reduce hours to 11am - 5pm (currently 11:30am - 6:30pm).

Ronto Roasters will reduce hours to 9:30am - 3pm (currently 9:30am - 8pm). Ronto Wraps will be available at Docking Bay 7 after close.

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Article Posted: Oct 03, 2020 / 8:14am ET
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TrainChasers17 days ago

They used to have a really good tomoato and mozerella salad. I’ll give them that.

Lilofan18 days ago

I have got be really hungry without regard of taste to enjoy a meal at Pizza Planet.

Jon81uk18 days ago

We used to choose to go to Pizza Planet, am I the only person who liked that puffy doughy bready pizza with the side salad?

TrainChasers18 days ago

How does a company so close to really good pizza get it so wrong!!!

Cmdr_Crimson18 days ago

I've brought this up before..The company that supplies the sad excuse of a pizza is called Nation..I spotted a wrapper with the brand name after they were removing them from their freezers for cooking at Everything Pop..They also have that same pizza out in DL at certain places and the company is located out in Schaumburg Il of all places...*ugh* http://www.nationpizza.com/capabilities/pizza

RSoxNo123 days ago

Because I have never had meat lovers pizza from anywhere else on earth that is worse than pizza at PizzeRizzo or Pizzafari. If we're comparing lousy cheese pizza's I will grant you Mama Celeste.

YodaMan23 days ago

Yes...? Why would that have any bearing on whether or not I’m also capable of enjoying a pizza from PizzeRizzo?

RSoxNo124 days ago

Have you had a meat lover's pizza anywhere else on the planet?

Movielover24 days ago

Was there in March as well. It seem like a decent crowd inside (Only walked by it multiple time's after Muppets.) Outside was kind of packed

daronlif24 days ago

Seems it's an unpopular opinion, but we grabbed a meal there in March (before the DARK times) while we waited for our Rise of the Resistance boarding group. The pizza wasn't great, but I've certainly eaten far worse without any complaint. We were there on a Friday afternoon and the place was hopping.

YodaMan24 days ago

Same here. A meat lover’s pizza with a bag of Lay’s and a Diet Coke has never done me wrong at PizzeRizzo’s 🤷🏼‍♂️

Joesixtoe24 days ago

The pizza was much better than what everyone was saying. Glad I didn't listen.

Brer Panther24 days ago

Sooooooooooooo, you're telling me that the rats who make PizzeRizzo's pizza are making it OUT OF THEIR FELLOW RATS?! Why, next you'll be telling me that Soylent Green is PEOPLE!

Eduardo Cz 198224 days ago