No more Star Wars at the Backlot Express in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Jan 07, 2019 in "Backlot Express"

Posted: Monday January 7, 2019 9:25am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Backlot Express at Disney's Hollywood Studios is returning to a more on-theme menu line-up this month, with the removal of the Star Wars themed items.

The Royal Guard Burger is now named the Backlot Burger, and the Galactic Salad with Chicken becomes the Southwest Salad with Chicken.

In recent years, Backlot Express became home to Star Wars food due to its location next to Star Tours, but with the arrival of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge later this year, Disney appears to be returning the restaurant back to sorting closer to its original story.

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JIMINYCRJan 11, 2019

Hmmm, funny how sometimes the change of the name of can change the taste of the item too ....

leiaorganaJan 09, 2019

Take it that means no more Kylo Ren cupcakes? :cry:

I am TimmyJan 08, 2019

So, the former Southwest salad with chicken that was changed to Galactic salad with chicken (and reduced in size by half) will now be referred to as Southwest salad with chicken. Again. Ok, but don't change anything else. Unless they want to make the salad bigger again.

MansionButler84Jan 07, 2019

That was nice...

disney4life2008Jan 07, 2019

Good. Now just bring back the 20 percent ap discount

larryzJan 07, 2019

I'm predicting food trucks lining Hollywood Blvd.

PplMoverJan 07, 2019

As long as they keep backlot express open and keep the theming inside- I’m cool with it Will still enjoy the royal guard burger as the backlot burger just fine

BoarderPhreakJan 07, 2019

Absolutely. Once SWGE opens, all bets are off.

jt04Jan 07, 2019

They'll be needing every single one. Plus.

BoarderPhreakJan 07, 2019

Not unexpected. But one thing DHS isn't short on is places to eat, generally speaking.

AshaNeOmahJan 07, 2019

Maybe we'll some some improvement in the menu once Galaxy's Edge opens. Try to keep at least some guests eating on that side of the park.

networkproJan 07, 2019

In celebration of ABC-Disney's show Black-ish no doubt ;) I'm happy that they are changing back to normal-ish fare with appropriate naming. IMHO the chicken strips and waffles were a miss.