Anaheim Approves DisneylandForward, Paving Way for Resort Expansion

May 08, 2024 in "Disneyland Resort"

Posted: Wednesday May 8, 2024 8:50am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Anaheim city council has approved the ambitious DisneylandForward project, signaling a new era for Disneyland Resort.

This project, which has been in development over the past three years in collaboration with city staff and local communities, is set to transform Disneyland Resort and bolster Anaheim's economy. The initiative will introduce new entertainment experiences, create approximately 13,500 jobs, and generate significant new revenue streams for the city.

DisneylandForward will see Disneyland Resort investing at least $1.9 billion in the first decade. According to an economic impact study by Cal State Fullerton, every $1 billion invested by the resort is expected to increase Anaheim's revenues by about $15 million annually. This funding will support vital community services such as fire and police departments, parks, and libraries.

During yesterday's earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger said, "We're incredibly excited for the many potential new stories our guests could experience at Walt's original theme park, including the much-anticipated opportunity to bring Avatar to Disneyland."

The project will also enhance local infrastructure and community services, with Disneyland committing $30 million for affordable housing, $8 million for parks, $85 million for traffic improvements and pedestrian safety, and ongoing investment in workforce development programs. This development not only promises to enrich Disneyland's legacy of innovation and creativity but also aims to make a profound impact on the local community and economy.

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Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

The decks of the management ship need to be swept with grapeshot at this point… I have begun to make the case this is the worst Disney management group by talent and vision in its history… …prepare to get annoyed by this 🤪

Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

Disney makes its profits off selling the disposables…not by the gates or the hotel rooms. Obviously those are “gateways” to the easy profits… There is a reason why the “model” works…that’s the reason

TP20001 day ago

Seeing what they just came up with for Tiana's Bayou Adventure, I'd be thrilled if Josh D'Amaro and his team take all the time they want with this DisneylandForward project. Hell, send 'em on three years of Immersion Trips, just to start. That way, there's a better chance that D'Amaro and the current execs will be fired by '27, and a new group will be installed who will return WDI creatives and the Parks executives to the standards and values that made the parks so great in the first place for the first 50 years; showmanship, hospitality, professionalism, and respect for the guest.

Nirya1 day ago

Idk, it kinda tracks if you think of the hotel stays as highlighting a customer that is going to bring in higher profit compared to an AP, especially considering that a visiting guest staying at a hotel is having to spend the premium price for the hotel room + is more likely to pay extra for various things (Genie+, premium dining packages, experiences like the Boutique) because of the "once-in-a-lifetime" phenomenon than an AP is willing to do. Meanwhile, the average profit per visit for APs goes down with each visit because they've already paid the price to get in up-front. So for example, at the highest level, an Inspire Key AP that visits eight times is bringing in ~$206.13 per visit, but when you bump that up to 10 visits, it goes down to $164.90 per visit, and so on. That obviously doesn't include any add-ons they may buy (just as an example, I visited the parks four times last week and only bought Genie+ once, and since I have an Inspire Key I wasn't paying for parking on any visit) but your APs almost by definition are not going to bring in nearly the same profit as a hotel guest. That said, I can also see the math being very different for Anaheim than it is Orlando because Anaheim is a locals park while Orlando is advertised as a vacation destination. Getting hotel guests at the resort is great and Disney would obviously love more of them, but at the same time the AP program brings the company some budget stability as far as income that they can supplement with day tickets and hotel stays.

co100641 day ago

Maybe I didn’t articulate myself well. I meant that TDA makes more in profit per individual at a resort versus their theme parks. Of course, more people visit their theme parks, so the theme parks are earning more profit overall. In other words, 100 guests at a hotel (even if those 100 don’t go to theme parks at all) is generating more revenue than 100 different guests visiting their theme parks… the hotels are more lucrative in per guest revenue (though the hotels obviously wouldn’t survive without the theme parks).

PiratesMansion1 day ago

I absolutely buy this for Orlando, but not sure that I do for Anaheim. Do you have any data to support this?

co100641 day ago

The inherent problem I see with the resort’s layout and any potential expansion is this: What from I can tell, Disney makes more profit per guest* from hotel stays than theme park visits in Anaheim, due to their very high room prices and large share of APs visiting the parks. It follows that Disney is primarily interested in expanding its on-site hotel catalog. However, Disney knows new attractions are needed to keep guests coming. The Toy Story lot isn’t large enough for a third theme park when you consider backstage support, parking, etc. Therefore, new attractions are most likely to go west of the existing theme parks. Existing hotels west of the theme parks limit the size of attraction expansion, meaning a third theme park couldn’t fit there either. Disney can’t demolish these hotels because they are unwilling to lose the inventory, DVC contracts prevent it, and perhaps a potential issue with the land usage rights for the Pixar Pier Hotel. Therefore, new hotels must be built in the Toy Story lot… but these hotels will be the furthest away from the theme parks. Even if themed and priced as deluxe hotels, you are still going to have to take a bus to get to said theme parks. And while new attractions are sure to increase attendance, a third theme park would do a better job of increasing the length of stay for their on-site hotel guests (even if the hypothetical attraction count would be the same as DL & DCA expansions), because many guests have been conditioned to the “one day per theme park” model. That’s not to say the business plan is flawed; in fact, any expansion will surely increase attendance and revenue for the Walt Disney Company. But it’s not as easy as they’d like it to be. *edits for clarity in bold

Sirwalterraleigh2 days ago

The “inference” was “we got more coming than just what our unpaid internet press agents talk about on forums all day rent free 😐…” But this is the standard schtick from the “era of under delivery”… Talk big, take forever, under produce

TP20002 days ago

Did I miss something? Was it related to the Tiana's Bayou Adventure opening? Let me guess, he said something about something happening some day beyond Thunder Mountain? Again?

mickEblu3 days ago

Yeah it does sound like a lot. I’ll probably just have to go in realizing I’m not going to do everything and just focus on hitting the Must Do’s. Doing EVERYTHING and not killing yourself probably can’t happen unless you go for like 2 weeks. Fitting in 1-2 days at Universal also probably means not hitting any WDW park more than once. Might need park hoppers for insurance. Anyway, didn’t mean to turn this into a trip planning thread. This is at least 21 months away.

mlayton1443 days ago

It’s a different beast than Disneyland , budget permitting, stay deluxe and plan 4-6 hours per day in park, relax at resort/resort hop, make some table service reservations , etc. 7 parks in 10 days sounds a bit much esp if you are bringing smaller kids for the ride.

Sirwalterraleigh3 days ago

It’s still possible to get a lot of enjoyment out of wdw. However that depends on expectations and your level of investment. The value of travel there has fallen. This is hotly disputed…but you simply do not get the service/detail/value that its reputation was built with. As long as people are ok with that…you can tune a lot of the noise out and have a good time on your terms. The management has not strengthened the property or put it the right position moving forward - however. Which is why just yesterday tight pants was back to making vague promises…again…

mickEblu3 days ago

Oh for sure. There is no way I would go all the way out there for the first time and not visit every park at WDW. Yeah, I have Must Do’s at every park at WDW including all the ones you listed. Universal would get axed before I skipped out on any of the WDW parks but I would like to do at least 2 days at Universal.

mickEblu3 days ago

I have to do MK as it would be my first time at WDW. I’m interested in seeing the park and comparing different versions of the same attractions. Let alone attractions like Tron , 7DMT, CBJ, COP and HOP. I think I can get away with a half day at DHS since I Dont have to do GE, MMRR, Star Tours, TSMM and don’t have interest in any shows. I’ll probably just do Slinky, RnR, TOT and Sci Fi Dine In. I like the idea of a park hopper for USF and IOA. I also need to ride E.T again. It’s been over 25 years. Yeah it still sounds daunting. Haha