Anaheim Approves DisneylandForward, Paving Way for Resort Expansion

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Posted: Wednesday May 8, 2024 8:50am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Anaheim city council has approved the ambitious DisneylandForward project, signaling a new era for Disneyland Resort.

This project, which has been in development over the past three years in collaboration with city staff and local communities, is set to transform Disneyland Resort and bolster Anaheim's economy. The initiative will introduce new entertainment experiences, create approximately 13,500 jobs, and generate significant new revenue streams for the city.

DisneylandForward will see Disneyland Resort investing at least $1.9 billion in the first decade. According to an economic impact study by Cal State Fullerton, every $1 billion invested by the resort is expected to increase Anaheim's revenues by about $15 million annually. This funding will support vital community services such as fire and police departments, parks, and libraries.

During yesterday's earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger said, "We're incredibly excited for the many potential new stories our guests could experience at Walt's original theme park, including the much-anticipated opportunity to bring Avatar to Disneyland."

The project will also enhance local infrastructure and community services, with Disneyland committing $30 million for affordable housing, $8 million for parks, $85 million for traffic improvements and pedestrian safety, and ongoing investment in workforce development programs. This development not only promises to enrich Disneyland's legacy of innovation and creativity but also aims to make a profound impact on the local community and economy.

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yensidtlaw19691 hour ago


SplashJacket2 hours ago

A Coco boat ride at 4 is so long overdue.

TP20008 hours ago

Brilliant. 🤣 Thank you for keeping the two things that matter; Cars Land and my barstool at Carthay Circle Lounge.

Disney Irish9 hours ago

But.. But.. it’s going to go up for sale again soon…

TheRealSkull9 hours ago

I think people keep forgetting the Toy Story Lot is already zoned for a third gate

DLR9210 hours ago

Disney buying Garden Walk will never happen. I wish people would just let it go.

Disney Irish11 hours ago

Agree, how many times do they have to say no before people start to believe its not happening.

BrianLo11 hours ago

Really, the whole banging my head against the wall comment comes from Disney has seemingly moved on, told everyone so and yet we keep re-litigating this. I know it's disappointing. But given the options I actually prefer what Tokyo is currently doing rather than Universal.

Disney Irish11 hours ago

They passed on it 3-4 times already after bidding once, not sure why they would all of a sudden wake up and just think "Hey maybe we should buy Gardenwalk".

Disney Irish11 hours ago

Also has any one really thought about what would happen politically if Disney went ahead and built a 3rd gate after promising that the only theme park expansion would be going on the west side? I don't even want to think about the headlines of "Disney pulls wool over voters eyes" and others. Not to mention what it would do to the relationship with the City. Its not going to happen....

BrianLo11 hours ago

I think it would be MUCH more on the table. Though we'd still need some erosion for another hotel complex somewhere on their existing property boundaries. Which would probably eat into some of the West of Disneyland Drive plans. If they owned Gardenwalk for their retail desires and the Hester Street apartment complex though (to have a parking complex), ya that would probably make the whole thing way more feasible/palatable. I don't know why they haven't bought Gardenwalk. 🤦‍♂️ I kind of swing back to if they are going to send guests 'off site' to a satellite complex anyways, do it for Angel stadium, which has transit already. Convention guests are more apt to wander into a dining complex than a theme park. I mean the model is Universal Orlando, truly. Toy Story is just their in between Endless Summer complex.

Disney Irish11 hours ago

Exactly, Darkbeer used to say the Resort was always short on parking, I don't remember the exact number but I want to say it was close to 5000 or more spaces. And that was after building out all the parking structures including Pumbaa. So that 5000 "gain" is really making up for the deficit that was already existing not future growth. Add on a 3rd gate, and bam you're back in a deficit. Not gonna happen.

mickEblu11 hours ago

What if they acquired Garden Walk?

BrianLo11 hours ago

A fully built out Pumbaa structure adds 17600 spaces. The Toy Story Lots and Simba/Disneyland Hotel region/DtD surface lots removal reduces the resort's surface lot count by 12600. 5000 parking spaces temporarily "fixes" the deficit and gives the resort a small amount of headroom for future growth in attendance. It's laughably short for another gate.