Ample Hills expected to permanently close at Disney's Boardwalk Resort and to cancel Disney Springs location

Jul 22, 2020 in "BoardWalk Ice Cream"

Posted: Wednesday July 22, 2020 8:34am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Following Ample Hills bankruptcy, new owners are attempting to bring the brand back to life and reopening its New York area stores. Unfortunately, it appears that the Walt Disney World locations are not in the future plans.

The company had operated a location at Disney's BoardWalk Resort for the last 5 years, and was in the early construction phases of opening a location at Disney Springs on the West Side.

Despite construction walls going up for a new Ample Hills Disney Springs location, we understand that very little work has actually taken place inside. 

Disney is yet to make any announcement on what will happen to either location.

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MickeyMouse1027 days ago

Whoa, good call my man.

RambozoMar 05, 2021

Yep, the diner feel is completely gone with the new renovation. It just looks like an average, boring, regular room with cute pictures. But if the food is the reason you're going there then it's still a good option.

BocabearMar 05, 2021

The original restaurant theming was very light and whimsical... Not terribly thematic...but evocative...The new version has a lot less and is more like a cafeteria....It is not terrible...I don't think anyone suggests it is, it is just not as intimate and special as the first iteration of the restaurant. It would not have been difficult to have made it feel more special... but they chose not to. Like they are doing all across the resort...reducing the amount of detail and storytelling... I am sure it is cheaper to do less, but when people are paying absolute premium for everything they are going to hit a tipping point... Some think they have hit it... Not by this one restaurant renovation, but by the resort-wide changes...I guess we will have to wait and see, but I am certainly not encouraged.

networkproMar 05, 2021

So they can horde all the Tomato bisque and grill cheese sandwiches for themselves! :D

NelleBelleMar 04, 2021

I never went to the pre-reno BnC (frankly, didn't even know they had a renovation) until this thread. I appreciate theming and have always heard good things about BnC. It certainly was always hard to get an ADR. We finally got an ADR and after reading some of the posts, unintentional or not, one can definitely be made to feel like part of the ongoing problem with lack of theming by dining here. I guess there's sharing an opinion but then there's arguing it to what end? To encourage people NOT to go there because poor theming?

UNCgolfMar 04, 2021

Sure, and I was never suggesting that you're wrong for liking the current version. It's all opinion. I still don't see any kind of theme whatsoever for what's there now, though.

JusticeDisneyMar 04, 2021

Yes, there’s a huge difference. For example, I like both versions of Soarin, but I definitely prefer the original version. It’s possible for one version of something to be “worse” than the other, without it also being terrible.

JusticeDisneyMar 04, 2021

Actually, I didn’t say that. I said a “perceived” lack of theming. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the pre-renovation place. I just don’t happen to think that the renovations ruined everything. Obviously you do, and that’s totally your prerogative, which I respect.

lazyboy97oMar 04, 2021

So it is not ruined, just worse? Is that a truly meaningful difference?

networkproMar 04, 2021

Please just stop it with "it's so special", the Ice Cream is just Edy's that you can get from most any grocery store.

UNCgolfMar 04, 2021

Well you specifically said you thought people packed it without caring about a lack of theming. I'm curious, though. What do you think the theme is now? How is it any different than any number of random restaurants you can find all around the country? I don't see how there's anything themed about it when I can walk into places here in Atlanta that look almost exactly the same except for the color scheme.

JusticeDisneyMar 04, 2021

No, we are not at all saying the same thing and I’m definitely not agreeing with you. You said that the renovations ruined the place because it now lacks theming. I, on the other hand, am saying that the renovations in no way ruined the place and that the theming remains just fine from my perspective. And I’m also saying that your speculation that the people who pack the place must simply not care about theming isn’t necessarily correct. It may just be that, like me, they don’t share your mere opinion that the renovations ruined the theme.

UNCgolfMar 04, 2021

That's exactly what I said? That sounds like you're agreeing with me. A lot of people don't care about theme, so the fact that it was removed doesn't matter to them. That's not how Disney became the theme park leader, though. Theme was what differentiated them from other parks. There are probably enough people who don't care about theme that Disney can keep stripping it away and do just fine, but they'll lose plenty of customers (like me) who do care. There are too many other interesting places to go to waste time at WDW if it's no longer going to be somewhere uniquely detailed. And no, I'm not saying this change alone means that, but it's just another example of something that's been happening for years. Personally I don't think the food or ice cream at Beaches & Cream is good at all, so there's no real reason for me to go there now. Also, again, I'm not saying there's something wrong with you for not caring about that stuff. If it doesn't matter to you, it doesn't matter. But it definitely does matter to some people.

JusticeDisneyMar 04, 2021

Is that a scientific poll that you’ve taken, lol? All kidding aside, what you’ve suggested isn’t necessarily “far more likely.” Indeed, what I’d say is far more likely is that most of the people who continue to pack the place on a regular basis simply go their with their families, enjoy the food and ice cream, and have some fun during their vacation, without getting carried away or obsessed with any perceived lack of theming.