PHOTO - Signs covered as Ample Hills permanently closes on Disney's Boardwalk

Jul 30, 2020 in "Ample Hills Creamery BoardWalk"

Ample Hills Creamery closed at Disney's Boardwalk

Following the news earlier this week that the new owners of Ample Hills will not be reopening their existing location at Disney's Boardwalk, signs at the ice cream have already been covered up. 

The company had operated a location at Disney's BoardWalk Resort for the last 5 years, and was in the early construction phases of opening a location at Disney Springs on the West Side. Signage has also been removed from that site.

Disney is yet to make any announcement on what will happen to either location.

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Article Posted: Jul 30, 2020 / 2:28pm ET
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UNCgolfAug 06, 2020

Why not both? They could have had an Ample Hills location that was actually themed correctly for the area rather than the generic one that existed. At Disney, theme is (or at least should be) a major component. That doesn't mean it should top food quality, but I don't want to feel like I'm walking into a random place at a strip mall when I'm there.

Jon81ukAug 06, 2020

This comes back to a question being asked in the restaurant forum, what drives you to choose a restaurant. You are arguing here that theme is most important, but they would probably then just serve the same generic ice cream that is available all over WDW. I would argue good quality food is more important, so Ample Hills was better as it is better ice cream than what is served elsewhere at WDW. Some people would also go out of their way to get that higher quality product.

UNCgolfAug 05, 2020

Exactly what I've been saying! Ample Hills may have had good ice cream, but the theming was non-existent. Please bring back a ice cream parlor/milkshake shop with boardwalk theming. It can be a candy/taffy store too, if you want.

FlynnwriterAug 05, 2020

Disney, pss here’s a secret... you design, open and run your own ice cream parlor. If you’re daring, try theming it to the resort. (Remember when you used to do that?). PS: Don’t hire the team who ruined Beaches & Cream.

MickeyMouse10Jul 31, 2020

Brothers and Sisters we are living in dark times. But we must remember those things that we have lost along the way. in the words of 90's hottie Sarah Mclachlan "I will remember you, will you remember me (eating you)? Don't let your life (time spent on my cone or in my cup) pass you by Weep not for the memories (dramatic pause) Remember the good times that we had (... okay mostly me)."

TJ VazquezJul 31, 2020

If they are going the 3rd party route again, I'd love a Jeni's. There is something about their ice cream that is just incredible. They have no presence in Orlando, although one shop down the road in Tampa.

UNCgolfJul 31, 2020

I'd rather it be Seashore Sweets again, because I'm not a fan of the Mickey & Co. branding on the Boardwalk. Anything that was actually themed properly would be an improvement, though.

MrPromeyJul 31, 2020

When this resort reopens, they need to get something in there because it looks awful with an empty storefront sitting there. I know Disney likes the guaranteed income of a tenant but selling ice cream isn't rocket sciences - they already have the place across the water, and I think branding it as a Goofy's Candy Co. place and selling that candy which they arelready have along with ice cream would be pretty easy. It doesn't feel like a stretch to put a taffy stretcher in there, in the front window - even if it's just for theme, either. This seems like something they could quickly replace when a tenant is found.

DisneyJeffJul 31, 2020

I wouldn't mind seeing a Goofy's Candy Co. shop in that location and include ice cream sales.

TrainChasersJul 31, 2020

I know what you mean. it would be really nice to have a working taffy shop with the machines in the window or something like that. If we all survive this (parks included) be sure get salt and straw on your next visit to California. I’m a huge fan of ice cream and they were my favorite before they opened up in Anaheim.

UNCgolfJul 30, 2020

If it's still there after this is all over, of course.

JusticeDisneyJul 30, 2020

I’m not really a gelato fan, but I will try it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

UNCgolfJul 30, 2020

Go to Vivoli Il Gelato next time you're at Disney Springs. It's much better than Ample Hills (of course, I think gelato tends to be better than ice cream in general).

JusticeDisneyJul 30, 2020

This news is beyond disappointing. That place has the best ice cream I have ever tasted.