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Aug 13, 2003 in "Wishes"

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- The power of a wish combines with magical moments from cherished Disney films and dazzling pyrotechnic effects to create "Wishes," a new story-in-the-sky fireworks spectacular debuting October 2003 at Walt Disney World Resort.

Narrated by Jiminy Cricket, who memorably served as Pinocchio's conscience in Disney's animated masterpiece, the new Magic Kingdom show tells a thrilling, heart-tugging story about making wishes come true.

"I bet a lot of you folks don't believe that -- about a wish coming true, do ya?" Jiminy says as "Wishes" begins. "Well, I didn't either. Of course, I'm just a cricket, but let me tell ya what changed my mind. Ya see, the most fantastic, magical things can happen -- and it all starts with a wish!"

At several times the size of "Fantasy in the Sky," Magic Kingdom's previous fireworks show, "Wishes" is the biggest, boldest pyrotechnic display ever staged in the theme park that celebrates fantasy and the fantastic.

The 12-minute spectacle takes guests through treasured tales of adventure and romance from classic Disney films, accompanied by brilliant bursts of color and light above -- and around -- Cinderella Castle.

" 'Wishes' takes us into the heart of Disney storytelling and shows us that wishes can come true if you believe in them with all your heart," said Steven Davison of Walt Disney Creative Entertainment, who created "Wishes" and Disneyland's popular "Believe... There's Magic in the Stars" fireworks spectacular.

"The goal of the show is to move guests in a very special way, to fill them with a magic only Disney can create and, most of all, to give everyone a magical memory to treasure for a lifetime."

The story of "Wishes" blends classic Disney songs and character voices with pyrotechnic effects never seen before in a Disney theme park, including several new sites for launching fireworks that create moments both breathtaking and intimate.

The warmly emotional presentation provides the perfect "kiss goodnight" for Magic Kingdom guests and is a key element of Magical Gatherings, a new program that makes it easier than ever to plan a Walt Disney World vacation for large groups of friends and family.

"What 'Wishes' is created to do is bring everyone together at night," Davison said. "They all may have different experiences during the day but at night we're asking everyone to come to the Magic Kingdom to watch what happens when family and friends all make a wish together and see what happens in the sky."

While "Wishes" replaces "Fantasy in the Sky," which premiered in 1976, one fondly remembered element remains -- a certain mischievous pixie who flies high above Magic Kingdom to demonstrate the power of believing in a wish.

"We'll make people cry, we'll make people laugh," Davison said. "It's a show about emotions, and really what Disney does best."

"Wishes" is presented most nights at Magic Kingdom.
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