PHOTOS and VIDEO - Farewell to the Magic Kingdom's Wishes fireworks spectacular

May 11, 2017 in "Wishes"

Wishes show
Posted: Thursday May 11, 2017 3:32pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The power of a wish combined with magical moments from cherished Disney films and dazzling pyrotechnic effects to create "Wishes," a story-in-the-sky fireworks spectacular that debuted August 12 2003 at Walt Disney World Resort in the Magic Kingdom.

Narrated by Jiminy Cricket, who memorably served as Pinocchio's conscience in Disney's animated masterpiece, "Wishes" tells a thrilling, heart-tugging story about making wishes come true.

At several times the size of "Fantasy in the Sky," the Magic Kingdom's previous fireworks show, "Wishes" became the biggest pyrotechnic display performed nightly at the park.

'Wishes" more than doubled the running time of 'Fantasy in the Sky", and increased the number of firework shells from 300 to 800.

Further adding to the spectacle, new firing locations were added along Fantasyland rooftops - bringing fireworks closer than ever to guests.

We've shot the show from multiple-angles during the show's final week in ultra high quality HD - so for one last time "Journey to the stars, where dreams are born, and together, we'll discover the magic that makes wishes come true."

Thanks to the cast and crew of Wishes, and the talents of the show’s creators.

Wishes Creator & Show Director: Steven Davison
Wishes Fireworks Designer: Eric Tucker
Wishes Music Director: Steve Skorija
Wishes Composer/Arranger: Gregory Smith

The final Wishes final performance takes place tonight (May 11) at 9pm, and will be replaced with Happily Ever After on May 12 2017.

See more photos from Wishes.

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If they sing ... Though we say goodnight We cast a spell that wont be broken Let this night forever Be in our dreams "This show will demolish my mojo"

sophie_the_poohMay 12, 2017

Wow, I didn't realize how much Wishes was important to me until it was officially over... I just watched a video of the final performance, and I felt so sad... When I was a kid, we often ended days at MK with Wishes... Such a perfect ending to a perfect day:inlove: I feel it also filled me with hope for the future as a child, and inspired me on some level in my life... Anyways, thanks for everything Wishes, I will miss you dearly!:cry:

ScrungoMay 12, 2017

As a former cast member that did a lot of crowd control during Wishes, I've had so many crazy, bad experiences during it just because the park turns into a mad house once those lights go off. But as for the show itself, I genuinely loved it and was blessed to see it about 100+ times on the job. I loved the classical Disney aspects of Wishes as well as those golden years in the 90s. I wasn't too big on Once Upon A Time due to how it's full of all the modern CG movies so I don't know what I'll think of the new firework show based on that direction.

gdisneyfansMay 12, 2017

The first time I saw Wishes was September of 2003. We had a girls trip planned - myself, my sister, my sister-in-law and my mom. We were planning this trip because my mom had been battling cancer for about six years and her health was declining. We wanted to take this trip together to make memories that would last a lifetime for us knowing we most likely wouldn't have much time with her. Unfortunately she passed in July before the trip could happen. We were going to cancel the trip, but my dad insisted we should go and knew that she would want us to go. We did go and we took one of her sisters with us. The night we were at Magic Kingdom, we had staked out a good spot to watch the fireworks and of course without knowing much about what was to come since it was a new show, we didn't know what to expect. OH MY GOODNESS! All four of us were blubbering messes by the time the show was over. I know part of it was because we had just lost our mom (and sister for my aunt), but I think it was a sign too from her (at least that's what I'M going to think:inlove:) to keep on enjoying life and no matter what happens, make those wishes and she'll be there to try and catch them for us! Wishes, Dream a dream Wishes, Set it free Wishes, Trust your heart Just believe (oh, believe) We have gone several times since then with our daughter and every time I see Wishes I think of her and of course, make a wish:happy:

MMDisneyPodcasterMay 12, 2017

As magical as Wishes is I think I will miss the exit music and the mood and feel of MK after Wishes the most.


I remember seeing wishes the first time and not knowing they had replaced Fantasy in the sky. I was sitting on the beach of fort wilderness thinking somethings different, then I saw the pyro from the castle and I couldn't wait to see it in the park. I also remember thinking "when does this show end"?

breesusMay 12, 2017

Wishes has a special place in DW and I's heart. I watched video of final show from last night this morning. Quite emotional. Had the pleasure of seeing it on its official opening day in October 2003. Middle of a packed Main Street with a 6 year old son on one hip and 3 year old daughter in the other. Now they are a 19 years old in college and 16 years old about to be a senior. This memory and how it is triggered by Disney is why we visit every year. I have friends who refuse to go. If they only understood how vivid those memories are, I have no doubt they would appreciate.

HMFMay 12, 2017

I will re-post what I posted on the "Happily ever After" thread. I think the audience here would be more receptive. I will save my final review for tomorrow but considering the choice of films being represented, this will likely be a HUGE downgrade from Wishes.

tl77May 12, 2017

This new show better be really good, because Wishes is going to be a tough act to follow. I think the music with it's calm pace, and the children signing combined with these "childhood favorite" Disney character's voices, is so simple but what makes the "Wishes" show so moving


I still remember the Fantasy in the Sky soundtrack from the early 90's, I also remember being ticked off when they added in the remember the Magic ending. But when they added wishes I was so happy they bought back when you wish upon a star heavily into the show.

RainemanMay 12, 2017

Wishes is still the only nighttime show I've ever seen at WDW after 3 trips, and I've had my DW and DD beside me every time I've seen it. I've never had any other type of fireworks show make the emotional connection that Wishes did-every time I heard Peter Pan say "I wish we never had to grow up", and every time the little girl started singing "Star light, star bright", my eyes got pretty moist. Farewell, Wishes.

MinthorneMay 12, 2017

I'm glad - it's the only bit of Hercules in the parks.


GREAT NEWS, good for me and i would imagine any others, can I go the distance will be returning in Happily ever after and it's the main song before the finalize played instrumentally like in wishes than sang by a full Shmphony quier!!!!!! This show just tied wishes in my point system


I'm going to have to watch this one solo in order to protect my mojo tonight