Changes to Typhoon Lagoon bus transportation for resort hotel guests

Sep 28, 2016 in "Typhoon Lagoon"

Posted: Wednesday September 28, 2016 12:22pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Beginning October 2, changes will be made to the Walt Disney World Resort hotel bus service to Typhoon Lagoon.

Guests staying at the resort hotels will need to first get a bus to Disney Springs, and then change to the shuttle serving Typhoon Lagoon. The shuttle service from Disney Springs begins 45 minutes prior to Typhoon Lagoon's opening, through to one hour after park close.

A similar change was made back in the Spring, but then guests could typically remain on the same bus if arriving in the morning. The new route will require a change throughout the day.

Blizzard Beach is continuing to require a stop at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and then a shuttle to the water park.

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IMFearlessJul 29, 2017

Can anyone give me some up to date, on the ground advice on what the situation is with buses to and from TL and BB for Sep/Oct please? We tend to ropedrop a park, head to a water park around 1pm, then return to another park for dinner and evening entertainment.

prfctlyximprctOct 15, 2016

When I get directions on the MDE app to Typhoon Lagoon from Port Orleans Riverside, it doesn't say to transfer anywhere... is this wrong?

Jon81ukOct 10, 2016

No more than five minutes I think. Coming back from the park there was a bus waiting but it didn't leave for a few minutes as there was a lot of confused guests that needed assistance from the driver to work out where to go. Some were trying to get to Blizzard Beach and were told best route is Typhoon > Springs > Coronado springs resort > Blizzard. As apparently that resort still offers direct bus travel.

COProgressFanOct 10, 2016

How long were the waits to/from the park, considering the transfer?

Jon81ukOct 09, 2016

I've just returned from a trip and went to Typhoon Lagoon last Wednesday and we had to change at Disney Springs both coming and going from Typhoon Lagoon.

ToTBellHopOct 09, 2016

You're exaggerating and you know it. They aren't dropping value resort guests off in Georgia. The bus stations have a set size and someone has to get the closer spots. No one whines that First Class is at the front of the plane. Or that guests who pay to stay at Disney get priority FP and dining booking.

The Empress LillyOct 08, 2016

Surely this is Disney, not a banana republic where only the wealthy are treated with respect. The values are full of hardworking people who worked their behind off all year to provide the right life for their family. They deserve respect for it, not secondary treatment. To think WDW started out with, or even as, an experiment of transportation that allowed for quick, fast, egalitarian transport for the masses. Nowadays the plebs get to walk miles to their bus in the blazing sun.

bunnymanSep 30, 2016

We were there in August, staying at WL. Got the bus well before the time for one-bus service to Typhoon. By the time we got to Springs it was after the cut-off time to have to change buses. Driver said the bus we were on was now changing to CBR, but said would still drop us at Typhoon. So he left the WL spot after waiting, then moved over to CBR spot. Took us forever in total time!

allymonkeySep 29, 2016

As a frequent guest at WDW I am perfectly aware that the bus stops for deluxe resorts are closer than the stops for moderate or value resorts and I fully understand the logic in that placement. Not everyone has the financial means to stay at a deluxe resort. My family rotates between staying at moderate and value resorts. My comment was that the design of the Disney Springs bus stop is not laid out as well as the bus stops at the parks. For guests staying at value or moderate resorts but walking up to the depot from the Marketplace end of DS the walk is much longer than the walk at any of the parks. It was like walking counter clockwise from the 8:00 position on a clock to the 10:00 position. It would have been possible to build a pedestrian bridge or some way of crossing the circle (without becoming a bus hood ornament) while still honoring the time honored tradition of putting the value resort bus stops on the outer perimeter and keeping those guests with smaller wallets in their rightful place.

ToTBellHopSep 29, 2016

And I believe the land provided allows for a certain number of bus spaces given how big each bus is. It is not unreasonable to place spots for more expensive resorts closer. We should be thankful that the new design at least allows everyone to get dropped off at the entrance.

MinthorneSep 29, 2016

I usually don't get into these kinds of opinions but 'ouch'. I personally don't subscribe to the theory that you only deserve good design if you are rich. Not all can afford the several grands more it requires to take a family to a deluxe. I think I understand the lament of the walk - being that the bus loops require a rather long route to be walk to get to the loading areas. I believe the deigns could be improved, even for them value folks.

ToTBellHopSep 29, 2016

If it's that awful of a walk, pay for a deluxe. Values are hardly close at the theme parks.

allymonkeySep 29, 2016

They should have added some pedestrian bridges to the new bus stop at Disney Springs too. If you're coming from the Marketplace end of DS to a value or moderate resort bus stop the walk seemed unending. Worst design of all the bus stops.

COProgressFanSep 28, 2016

Were they sending every wet, tired guest on a bus to Epcot first to then transfer to their resort? That's what they did to us last year at Typhoon. It was a nightmare. I wrote letters of complaint, but apparently they still seem to think guests will tolerate this kind of torture.