Changes to bus transportation for the water parks begins this weekend

May 27, 2016 in "Blizzard Beach"

Posted: Friday May 27, 2016 7:19pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Starting Sunday May 29 2016, there will be new bus routes from the Walt Disney World Resort hotels to both of Disney's water parks.

To get to Typhoon Lagoon from a resort, you will need to take a bus to Disney Springs. Before 1pm, you should not need to change at Disney Springs, but after 1pm, a bus change might be required.

To get to Blizzard Beach,  you will first need to take a bus to Disney's Animal Kingdom, and then get a bus to Blizzard Beach from Animal Kingdom.

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montyz81Feb 27, 2017

Not what I meant. If they continued all along with the build out of the monorail and people movers, they might have less of a transportation issue now. Walt's idea of how transportation should run, although modified slightly for what is built today, could have been super efficient. MCO is a good example of how it could have worked. I bet you if they had considered transportation to all the various points (Parks, Resorts, Springs), the entire space would have looked completely different. I bet you that the high cost of the build out of the monorail today would not have been so if they had considered transportation in each space they built out. Just my opinion anyway.

rob0519Feb 26, 2017

In the beginning, it was 10 years between the opening of MK and Epcot. It's a miracle WDW built the monorail to that park. The studios opened in 1989 and AK 10 years later in 1998. There was no way to have planned out monorail lines 20-30 years in advance. By the time additional monorails might have been needed the distance between parks increased significantly as did the price of track construction.

surfsupdonFeb 25, 2017

And as we sit here, 3 buses in a row for Blizzard Beach....none for Epcot yet. Lol.

ford91exploderFeb 25, 2017

And the parking fees are intended to force you to take the bus

surfsupdonFeb 25, 2017

Coronado has had a dedicated Blizzard Beach bus the past couple days. The marquee even reads, " Welcome Skiiers" We are here.

disneyC97Feb 25, 2017

We used taxis for our last trip to go to the water parks...and also to Universal (two days Disney lost my money).

Rodan75Feb 24, 2017

This sucked on the last trip and made it into my post-trip survey. It is an inconvenience and it eats up far too much time. However, we did make the most of it and did an AK morning with a trip to the BB lazy river afterwards and then did the connections back. This was an easier and faster transfer process than the Wilderness Lodge to DS to TL transfers that you have to do, those are unacceptable.

COProgressFanFeb 24, 2017

That may be true but it's still horrible. I complained when we dealt with this but I know it probably won't matter. Disney should take note that our bad bus experiences, particularly with water parks, is the primary reason we are renting a car for our upcoming trip. Which means we'll also dine off property, visit Uni and Sea World, etc.

montyz81Feb 24, 2017

Imagine if they had built out a network of Monorails and Peoplemovers. This likely all would have been solved in the beginning.

captainkiddFeb 24, 2017

Weird. I was at Coronado a couple weeks ago and they had busses to BB.

peter11435Feb 24, 2017

Pretty sure all other resorts already require guests to take a bus to animal kingdom to transfer to a bus to Blizzard Beach. It's been this way for about a year.

captainkiddFeb 24, 2017

I just read about this yesterday. There will no longer be bus service from the Animal Kingdom Lodge to Blizzard Beach. Guests will have to take a bus to Animal Kingdom, then transfer and take a bus to Blizzard Beach from there. Sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous. I don't even stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge and this irks me. Besides the fact that it's a deluxe Resort, no resort on Disney property should not offer direct transportation to any theme park or water park. This is nothing more then a straightforward cut back on Disney's part to save a few bucks. And while we should be used to it by now, to me this gets into very dangerous territory. And this all comes a day after they announced an increase in price for the express transportation. If Disney decides to go the way of eliminating transportation from their resorts or start charging for it, for me that will be the end.

Gabe1Jun 04, 2016

True, still you can often make a real good educated stab at when you caught a bug. Could I prove the lady sitting next to me on the airplane that coughed, sneezed and hacked for 3 hours was the one I got the flu from? No. Still a pretty good guess after being seated next to her for hours. I've let people pass us in a queue at Disney that are very ill, I'll get up and move seats on a bus if at all possible if an infected person puts us in target range. My DD and I on a Metra train to Chicago got up and went to a different car when someone joined us that was also really sick. I don't find it a real big leap to at times be able to have a real good hunch where and from who you picked up a bug from.