Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach testing new Splash Pack packages

Mar 26, 2019 in "Typhoon Lagoon"

Posted: Tuesday March 26, 2019 11:28am EWT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach is offering a bundle of food and merchandise, providing a 20 percent saving over purchasing the items separately.

The Splash Pack includes select food entrées and dessert options, a refillable Disney Water Park mug and a Disney-themed towel to take home.

Guests will be able to choose from “Lilo and Stitch,” “Toy Story,” “Finding Nemo” and of course, Mickey Mouse-themed towels.

The limited time pilot will be available March 26 to May 4 2019, and Splash Packs costs $44 per person, plus tax. Splash packs are available at Singapore Sal’s at Typhoon Lagoon or the Beach Haus at Blizzard Beach.

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cheezbatMar 29, 2019

I like the theme of both water parks, but honestly I expect more from Disney. They spend billions on the theme parks but don’t care to spend a dime on new attractions at the water parks. As old as they both are, I expect double the amount of rides they currently have. There are so many innovative new ride concepts out there that would be fantastic additions to the parks.

tomastMar 28, 2019

I had the Quick Service DP and by far the worst meal was on the water parks. I am not sure you can consider that standard. And you have pleanty of QS with really high quality. Nobody wants a sit-down meal, just to improve the quality of the foods in the QS restaurants. By the way I never go to "Restaurantosaurus" as its know as the worst disney QS... So if that the standard...

Jon81ukMar 28, 2019

I found the quick service at the water parks to be the same as the "standard" quick service in the parks. So Cosmic Rays, Electric Umbrella, Restaurantosaurus, etc. All the park quick service that have burgers and fries are pretty standard and the one at Typhoon Lagoon met the same standard for me. I don't think there is the need for a sit-down meal in a waterpark, although they could do a cheap buffet maybe. Best option would be to add a second quick service offering something other than American fare, something like noodles or rice dishes maybe.

Kman101Mar 28, 2019

That's what I've been wondering (I'm sure they do some things during the closures, of course, but I feel like both parks have seen much better days ...). I imagine the majority of the closure is savings on not running nearly empty water parks in "colder" months. Look how fast they close it down in certain temperatures (not a criticism, per say, I understand it's a water park and makes zero sense to have it open when it's 60 degrees out or storming with lightning...). I get it, watching some vlogs, the water parks are pretty empty right now (even in Florida, I guess "March and Water Park" don't necessarily go hand in hand for travelers). But hey, if you want literally no wait, go to a water park in March ... during Spring Break ... lol

monothingieMar 28, 2019

Exactly what do they do for the three months they’re closed?

tomastMar 28, 2019

I love Blizzard beach concept. I found it unique and really original. But I think after seeing how much they are spending on Epcot and DHS, that some love and maybe a new "ride" on Blizzard could be usefull Both Blizzard and Typhoon needs a better place to eat. I went last year with the dinning plan. We order something to eat at Typhoon and it was so awful that we leave the park and went to EPCOT to eat. We also order a frozen drink and it was awful too.

Kman101Mar 27, 2019

:joyfull: :hilarious: I probably would be!!

Missing20KMar 27, 2019

ThatMouseMar 27, 2019

It's like 3 or 4 fountain drinks worth. Will you drink that much soda? Do you buy one package for each family member? The towels are usually thinner and smaller than an average beach towel. They are fine, but I wouldn't want more than one. Definitely not worth $90+ for two people. Imagine the family of four coming out with 4 cups and 4 towels. Are they visiting the mug and towel factory or are they going to a water park! Right? It's all about psychology of marketing. When you read the Disney blog, they hit all the classic marketing points. It's for "a limited time" = sense of urgency, scarcity, fear of missing out (FOMO). Disney likes to add "for the first time" to make it sound like this is something incredibly special. All the blogs picked this up and promoted it for free. ;)

Tom P.Mar 27, 2019

I believe that the water park refillable mugs are currently $11.99 plus tax. They're kind of unique mugs, wider than the resort refillable mugs and with their own design. I do know Disney towels tend to be expensive. One time a few years ago, we got caught in a downpour at Epcot and purchased several Disney themed towels. I don't remember exact prices, but I do remember having sticker shock. However, the towels did turn out to be very good quality and have lasted for a number of years. The bottom line, it seems to me, is that if you are someone who might purchase all of these things anyway, I think this bundle pack could be a good deal. It doesn't seem to be a bad price for what you get. But if these aren't things you would buy normally, I don't think the package alone makes it worth it.

Jon81ukMar 27, 2019

How much is the waterpark refills nowawdays? Unless the towel is really worth $20 (as in of a good quality to be worth that price, not just tagged at it) I can't see the value in the package for me. But then at a waterpark for me its all about the slides, so everything is in a locker and I don't want to keep going back to the locker just to get the soda mug etc.

Walt dMar 26, 2019

Disney is missing the boat they should have a Kelly Slater wave pool . For all the land locked surfers. Come on being able to get barreled in a left or right. A lot more surfers geting ready to join the ct soon. Good practice for sure .

Tom P.Mar 26, 2019

It is, but when you add in the cost of the refillable mug and the souvenir towel it's not. I don't think this is a horrible price for what's offered. It's not for everyone, but if those items interest you, it's a decent deal.

LegendaryMar 26, 2019

Knotts and Sea World offer packages that are actually a decent deal, not sure about Universal. We probably would have left the parks to get food if we didn’t buy the plan.