Typhoon Lagoon's annual refurbishment extended by a week

Feb 17, 2016 in "Typhoon Lagoon"

Posted: Wednesday February 17, 2016 9:12am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has extended the annual refurbishment of Typhoon Lagoon by a week.

Originally planned to reopen on March 13, the water park will now reopen to guests on March 20 2016.

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Biff215Feb 17, 2016

I completely agree. Things happen, but Disney should be better about this when they expect guests to plan so far in advance. They should call it what it is, someone realized they could save $X on labor costs in they pushed it back a week (and then they probably got a bonus for the genius idea). Guess we should expect more and more of these "extended refurbs" as we go forward.

surfsupdonFeb 17, 2016

As head chaperone of our WDW Senior Class Trip, we always go the third week in March....because for the past ten years I have been planning the trip, both Water Parks have been open, and the water parks are always a highlight for the kids and chaperones alike. Plus it is a good time to go without missing standardized testing, drama productions, and athletic competitions. This year we have a trip size of 162. Many kids were upset to learn that Typhoon would be closed. I was disappointed that although hours were posted about 6 months in advance, it was decided 27 days prior to close not only an attraction or two, but an entire Park. In the days where you are to book FP rides 60 days in advance, and therefore create schedules around those rides, it would be cool if Disney were more firm on nailing down refurbishments of entire Parks. We are disappointed, but will still have a nice time on the trip. And I fully believe this is a cost cutting measure-refurb is not extended for work, but rather to just save operational costs for another week of very low water park attendance.

dreamfinderFeb 17, 2016

And based on all the other cost cutting news lately, do we assume the best and that there was simply a delay in the refurb and it is truly taking them a week longer? Or do we assume the worst and someone saw a way to save a few bucks by keeping it closed for another week after all the cold weather of late. (At least I think WDW got some of the colder weather that froze the Northeast)