Typhoon Lagoon closed today due to unplanned maintenance

Jun 08, 2017 in "Typhoon Lagoon"

Posted: Thursday June 8, 2017 11:12am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is closed today, June 8 2017, due to unplanned maintenance work.

As of now, the water park is expected to reopen on Friday June 9.

Although the park had its normal annual refurbishment over the winter, it unusually closed for a brief two day refurbishment in May. Disney has not released any details about specific problems, but it would appear to be something impacting the majority of operations at the park to result in a closure.

Blizzard Beach is operating as normal.

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KBLovedDisneyJun 12, 2017

An indoor waterpark adventure in Disney Springs...let the kiddies swim while the adulties go shopping.

ford91exploderJun 10, 2017

Cheap so called 'repairs' usually cause more damage than the initial issue.

twilight mitsukJun 09, 2017

put it where disneyquest is instead of NBA experinece

ravenJun 09, 2017

Yeah, well...

peter11435Jun 09, 2017

There is plenty of land for a new waterpark if they wanted it

ravenJun 09, 2017

Indeed. I was recently informed that the mountain is decaying at a rapid rate and it may fall in he near future if they don't reinforce it. But an entirely new waterpark is much needed. One that will hold THOUSANDS of guests without feeling crowded. But where? I dunno, maybe take out one of the many golf courses at WDW?

CJRJun 09, 2017

I would love to see a TL 2.0. Take the same concept, but with 21st century technology. It would be a rough two years or so with just BB open though, unless they were to build a third water park. BB has its share of issues too, it'll be interesting to see what they do in the end. Really, both of them need a lot of work and I've let them know it on multiple occasions, haha. I'm still upset about Runoff Rapids.

ravenJun 09, 2017

Or an entirely original concept that doesn't tie in to any Disney movie. But that would require years of R&D (eh hem, Pandora).

DelgadoJun 09, 2017

FYI, sometimes when it's lightning indoor water parks close and swimming pools close too. Even with a multi million dollar retractable roof it would still have to close sometimes

KBLovedDisneyJun 09, 2017

Or they could make it Ariel and Nemo's Adventureland WaterPark. That way it would appeal to all.

ravenJun 09, 2017

Except that it would pretty much appeal to mostly Princess lovers.

ravenJun 09, 2017

Anyone else see these "sudden maintenance issues" as a sign of TLs time coming to an end? Seems more and more that the more they fix the park the more it breaks.

KBLovedDisneyJun 09, 2017

I could so see an indoor Disney water park, and they would call it Under The Sea with everything Little Mermaid themed. The slides and tubes would be clear and some would go under water.

Biff215Jun 09, 2017

That's the question. It was BB in previous years and now TL. It seems to show how the water parks are aging and that maintenance is not getting done during the winter closures. It is a shame for those who plan a water park day when they don't have dining reservations or plan to use a day on their tickets. Things happen, like weather, but these types of closures are frustrating. Hopefully it gets fixed right this time. ETA: Runoff Rapids at BB continues to sit closed with no explanation or visible work last I heard. We're changing our plans in August as those are three slides my kids would definitely go on, and I used to work there and really want to my kid to experience the park. It's just a shame they're not maintaining them like they once did.