Typhoon Lagoon closed today due to technical problems

May 03, 2016 in "Typhoon Lagoon"

Typhoon Lagoon will not open today (May 3 2016) due to technical difficulties.

No further information is available, and it isn't yet clear when the park will reopen.

During the closure, Blizzard Beach will operate as normal, from 10am to 5pm. At Blizzard Beach, Summit Plummet and Slush Gusher have reopened.

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Article Posted: May 03, 2016 / 10:16am EDT
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wdwmagicMay 04, 2016

Yes should be open.

GoofyernmostMay 04, 2016

lol! o_O- Dear lord.... try and see the sarcasm in there. I didn't think it could possibly be more obvious. My bad!

ravenMay 04, 2016

I made a simple posts about CPs whining about TL possibly being closed today and others here kept going on about it. Problem?

wdwmagicMay 04, 2016

Yes back open today

Pluto89May 04, 2016

MDE app is showing they are open today and tomorrow on regular schedule. Guessing it was that mini monsoon the other day.

zzoinksMay 04, 2016

So... we're here at WDW and planning on going to Typhoon Lagoon tomorrow (5/5). Any word on if it's going to be open? Thanks.

AJH219May 04, 2016

Why do you care so much how CPs act? What difference does it make? I'm just not seeing why you're taking such a butt hurt attitude over some sexually charged college kids. And by the way, most full timers are just as trashy and gross (if not more disgusting) as the CPs, so what's your point?

ravenMay 04, 2016

Appalled? No. Most behave exactly the way their reputation says they do. Yes. I single handedly gave them their reputation. :rolleyes:

MikejakesterMay 04, 2016

lol! o_O- Dear lord... chill... it was related to the storm. There was some over flooding, and way too much debris to be cleared on time, some debris also fell on some tubes that might have cracked and they were being looked at. *facepalm* Geez..

MickeyMike11May 04, 2016

So, any word on what the issue was yesterday? Is the park back up and running today?

GoofyernmostMay 04, 2016

No, absolutely not... it was the damn lack of maintenance that Disney practices on a daily basis. Hundreds of attractions running day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year with, allegedly no maintenance. How lucky can one company get. If it had been me that kind of lack of attention would have shut everything down years ago. They must be blessed. Either that or the lack of regular maintenance is the crock of crap that I'm pretty certain it is.

ford91exploderMay 04, 2016

Unfortunately the Disney CP has gotten a reputation as a nest of debauchery which is largely undeserved but the problem is app's like the ones in use at CP just add to the mystique - you probably have 10-15% living on the wild side just like any college dorm anywhere in the world but those CP's living the wild life in public set the image for the rest of the CP'ers in the public's eye.

wdwfan22May 04, 2016

Most of this so called reputation comes from bitter full time regular Cast Members who are disgruntled with Disney. All college kids are going to behave as college kids would. This is no different at Disney than any other college around the world. I did the college program as well as worked in a full time professional role with Disney. I didn't behave in an out of control manner and neither did many of my friends. While some may act out and rebel during there program to say it's the majority is simply not true.

Gabe1May 04, 2016

I find posts like this unfortunate. I'm the one who should calm down? You've created and continue to build quite the reputation for thousands of current and former CPs. Equally interesting that you are constantly auditing their posts??? Who has time for that let alone, more unsettling, the desire? While I've seen young and older people post things that are inappropriate this is equally reckless to trash the College Program students in this manner. If these students are all this carelessly wild which I highly doubt, I certainly would not be inviting them to come live with me? Wanting CPs as you depict their reputations, as room mates repeatedly cause me to question the credibility of the reputation you are building for them. Who condemns the morals of these individuals along with their illegal behaviors and repeatedly wants to share a residence with them? It is so easy to trash Disney and their College Program under the veil of anonymity and collaborated by equally anonymous alumni's. I have no doubt the program had and has some students that lack maturity and common sense but that is typical of both youth and all age demographics. Heck there is hardly a career path, educational venue or walk of life that doesn't have individuals that have poor judgement.