Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover now listed as under multi-month refurbishment

Aug 08, 2020 in "Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover"

Tommorowland Transit Authority PeopleMover closed - July 2020

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover is now internally listed as being under refurbishment through to the end of October 2020.

The Magic Kingdom ride closed in the first week of March and has not reopened since.

The PeopleMover has been seen operating without guests on numerous occasions since the park reopened on July 11 2020.

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Article Posted: Aug 08, 2020 / 7:46am ET
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marni19718 days ago

I did not hear that one. Not for Anaheim anyway.

RSoxNo18 days ago

There was one rumor that would have TRON closer to the Tomorrowland entrance, was there any truth to that?

larryz8 days ago

I think we should avoid "fist glances" with respect to classic WDW rides... we all saw how that worked out for Thor...

yensidtlaw19698 days ago

SO much better at DL than at WDW. They seem to try to throw it the occassional bone at Disneyland, trying to add fun show elements and whatnot. Meanwhile any time they touch it at WDW the ride ends up shorter than it was before.

ChrisFL8 days ago

I tried DL's autopia last year for the first time and wow, it's so much better than Tomorrowland Speedway at WDW, completely different feel and area to explore

yensidtlaw19698 days ago

I secretly wish for a better use of the Autopia plot - one that still caters to a wide age range - but I'd permit its continued existence if it means the Submarines stick around. If we gotta lose the Subs then you might as well throw the Autopia out with them. Which sounds like what they were thinking. But losing an attraction as unique as the Subs in favor of TRON, a short, middling, lightly-themed Coaster, sounds like the worst trade on land in Disneyland history. Worse than Parking Lot to DCA, worse than Rivers of America to Galaxy's Edge. I didn't love them shortening the Rivers of America, but at least it gave us Rise of the Resistance. Nemo isn't a grand slam, but the ride system has both history AND potential, neither of which should be squandered at Disneyland. I wonder how close they ever got to ripping out the Subs to build Galaxy's Edge. It always sounded like that was a consideration.

yensidtlaw19698 days ago

Perhaps "Ring" would have been a better word than "Cone": Before: After:

marni19718 days ago

I doubt they’d have paid to route it through TRON.

AL2000HS8 days ago

I would assume that it would cause some of the monorail track to be shortened too if they did this.

DoleWhipDrea8 days ago

Yesss @yensidtlaw1969 love all of this! Wait, what cone?

yensidtlaw19698 days ago

If we got a New Tomorrowland that updated the Subs, replaced Star Tours, reskinned Buzz, razed the Carousel Theater for a new attraction, put the Rocket Jets back on their pedestal, and gave us an Elevated Lightcycle Pathway through the land, I would sing its praises for eons. -Lose Nemo, give us a genuine, mysterious underwater adventure. The subs themselves are what carries the ride these days -Raze or reuse the Carousel Theater - it's a historic building, but at this point I can't even see the point of keeping it if they won't DO something with it -New, non-Star Wars show in the simulators, or rip it all out and start fresh, I could settle for either. -Retheme Buzz to something a bit more Tomorrowland-ish. Ideally lose the Target Practice element. - Move the Astro Orbitor - Lightcycle tour of Tomorrowland a la The Peoplemover - maybe use the Carousel Theater plot for part of this? - Light re-skinning and repainting throughout the land; a contemporary re-imagining of Tomorrowland 67' would make DL'ers squeal with delight. Wouldn't begrudge something better in the Magic Eye Theater, but I'm already asking for more than we'd ever get. Space is basically fine. Though I'm still not happy with the extra cone they built on top a few years back. But, alas, that wasn't a design choice . . . and it shows.

Homemade Imagineering8 days ago

Definately. I have nostalgia for pretty much anything at DLR, as it is my home park, and that includes the Autopia. I feel like removing it for something intrusive would be an incredibly stupid move. The subs and autopia work well in unison, and if they end up wanting to get rid of autopia, build something there that’s quiet, visually stunning, and maybe even original although that’s unlikely these days. Maybe something like a large garden with heavily themed elements.

marni19718 days ago

All I can say is not all of them do. Disneylands is lots of fun for any age.

DoleWhipDrea8 days ago

Wow. So much to unpack. I apologize for the amount of questions I’m about to ask you. In relation to the subs - I know the attraction is expensive to maintain, but do you know if there’s any truth behind the rumor that the lagoon is still leaking? I’d heard that that’s a big reason why they want to retire it. It’s not on the level of the original, but I’d still be so sad to see them go away. I’d like to see a theme park give the concept of visiting Atlantis a quality take in the present day. That map put together by @yensidtlaw1969 shows just how careless that would look for the visual aesthetic of the can’t put that giant building next to the Matterhorn! I know adult fans always say that Autopia should go, but I’m surprised that it would actually be considered since it’s so popular. But obviously it takes up a ton of real estate. Would repurposing the carousel theater be something of actual interest, or just another attraction to quickly get outdated? Star Tours - would it stay connected to Star Wars, or now that Galaxy’s Edge is on the other side of town, there’s a new concept? Good riddance to Buzz. ...and finally, has WDI completely given up on reviving the PeopleMover at Disneyland?