Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover to reopen this weekend

Apr 23, 2021 in "Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover"

Posted: Friday April 23, 2021 10:44am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle has just posted on Instagram that the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover will reopen this weekend at the Magic Kingdom.

Jeff was visiting the engineering team working on the refurbishment, which will now be either April 24 or 25, a week ahead of the most recently released reopening timeline.

The Magic Kingdom ride closed in the first week of March 2020 and has not reopened since. The reopening date has been moved back numerous times since the refurbishment began.

Testing has be near continues in recent weeks as preparations to reopen are completed

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Texas84Apr 29, 2021

I miss it. Saw a comedian at The Punchline. Said he would purposely block the door and yell, "Why am I being delayed!" Then the robot says, "We are being delayed because someone has interfered with the door."

GoofyernmostApr 28, 2021

Sorry, double post.

GoofyernmostApr 28, 2021

I am if my being late was bigger then 3 mil. dead. There was a valid reason why it was delayed so the fact that it has gotten started again is a good and happy thing. But it isn't sad that it was delayed by covid. What is sad is that there was Covid19.

arich35Apr 28, 2021

You must be real fun at parties.

GoofyernmostApr 28, 2021

Know what is by far even sadder? Over 3,000,000 people dead from Covid. For me it makes it hard to be overly concerned about a roller coaster.

marni1971Apr 28, 2021

Certainly is.

Figments FriendApr 28, 2021

Confession time from a hardcore 'old school' WEDhead - I once purposely booked a coast to coast flight stopover at Houston JUST so I could ride their WEDway Peoplemover. Best two hour layover....ever. No regrets. -

some other guyApr 28, 2021

tbf I respect how HAL was a patsy, but yeah that wouldn't fill me with confidence

TTA94Apr 28, 2021


TTA94Apr 28, 2021

What a sad sight. Had covid not happened Tron could have looked very different right now.

UNCgolfApr 28, 2021

I'm not sure I've ever used the underground trams. I'm sure I have once or twice, but I usually just walk between the terminals -- it's especially nice when coming back from a flight to stretch your legs.

dmwApr 28, 2021

My home town airport. I miss the robot voice!

disneygeek90Apr 28, 2021

Ended up riding twice. First time about 15 mins second time right before close under 10. Rode once at dusk and once at night and it was perfect. We stopped for ~10 mins during first run. Clean second run lol Got a nice shot of tron where we were stopped though.

TouchdownApr 28, 2021

That’s why it’s always a must when I attend a holiday party.