PHOTOS - Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover reopens with new color scheme

Aug 06, 2014 in "Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover"

Posted: Wednesday August 6, 2014 11:47am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover has reopened after its refurbishment with a new orange and red color scheme.

The ride opened yesterday following its 2 month refurbishment, but had a delayed opening, and an early closure. The ride was also not operational this morning.

Although new paint has been applied to sections of the station, there have been no changes to the ride or audio. The new paint does not appear to be complete, as sections still remain unfinished, and the upper section with the Astro Orbiter remains in refurbishment.

Click the gallery for more photos of the new color scheme.

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TubaGeekSep 12, 2014

"Wrong" with it would be the visible lighting fixtures and stationary pieces that once moved within the Progress City model, dust and peeling glow tape in the robot scene, cars that don't open or close when they're supposed to, useless security monitors, and (most importantly) cars that CRASH into each other at Load. Trust me, I worked the attraction and my friends still there say that NOTHING has changed.

hpyhnt 1000Sep 08, 2014

Excellent to hear this, especially after the hasty and rather shabby way the TTA was reopened a few weeks ago.

Marc GilSep 07, 2014

I rode the TTA several times during Labor Day weekend. They definitely cleaned up and repainted a lot of the track. If I'm not mistaken, they also fixed up Progress City a bit. The amusement rides in the model now move again. One thing they definitely spruced up was the Carousel of Progress loft. Jeez, it looked terrible before. It was so filthy! There was dirt and cobwebs all over the place.

celluloidSep 07, 2014

I want the concept of the attraction to be freshened. The pitch blackness of Space Mountain goes on for too log and is pointless. Glow Stripes need to come back at the very least.

rct247Sep 07, 2014

While the ride opened on August 5th, the refurb still has technically been on going. The track is cleaner and has lots of new paint in the tunnels and along the track. For those of you wondering, you may notice more and more of the orange and teal from the TTA station appearing elsewhere in the land. There is new paint to transition from white to black at the entrance to the first tunnel. Near the entrance to the Space Mountain tunnel, you'll find more teal. The area above Carousel of Progress is the same orange from inside the station too.

Tom MorrowSep 07, 2014

I rode TTA a few weeks ago and the ride seemed smoother and quieter than before, but maybe I was just imagining that. Overall the track looked a lot cleaner too. I really wish they'd bring back that colored LED lighting that was installed. And a new narration.

googilycubSep 07, 2014

It looks very nice.

PrincessNelly_NJSep 05, 2014 Nice close up on those planets. AO never looked so good!

RalphlawSep 04, 2014

And it's still Mr. WimpyVoice and his milquetoast narration?

skibum123Sep 04, 2014

Anyone have a before and after?

Goofnut1980Sep 04, 2014

looks good!!!!

BrianVSep 04, 2014

I agree. I never liked the ride. But I like the ambience of it running while in future land.

RSoxNo1Sep 04, 2014

I couldn't care less about the actual ride, but that looks nice.

rct247Sep 03, 2014

Wow! Look how shiny those planets look! And it looks like they are all coming back! Fingers crossed that they will spin once again!