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Nov 08, 2002 in "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"

Posted: Friday November 8, 2002 by WDWMAGIC Staff
Full details on the new Tower of Terror 4 drop profiles (Thanks to an "Evil" friend of WDWMagic, for the exclusive use of the info and diagrams)

Currently scheduled to appear to the public in January 2003, you wont want to miss this one! Remember, while this information is accurate at this time, it is always subject to change.

New Drop Profiles

The really, really neat thing about Tower4 is that you're never, ever going to know which sequence you'll get until you're in the drop shaft and it begins. But it goes one step further than that.... two sequences start with a drop from the fifth dimension just like every sequence (except the original 1.0) has done. The other two start with you blasting up from the fifth dimension to the top immediately. You're not even going to know if you're going to start falling down or up.

Three of the sequences are totally "new". The first sequence is actually a rehash of Fear Every Drop (Tower3, current). The diagrams below show a graphical view of each drop profile, beginning from the 5th dimension in each case. Remember, these are not official diagrams, and may be subject to change at any time. (Please do not reproduce these images elsewhere.)

There's other interesting things too... Like the fact that it's capable of (and does) drop full speed in a full drop, half way down immediately coming to a dead stop and immediately continuing full speed the rest of the way down the shaft. The best thing to compare this to is a really big, really intense adult version of a Frog Hopper.

As well there are actually full drops for the first time in a very long time, from the top Horton Door all the way to the unload floor.

There's more though... much more! One of the sequences has a false ending. It's amazing. You do the whole sequence, stop at the unload floor "And just when you thought it was over..."
the vehicle starts shaking, shoots all the way to the Horton Doors, and the falls all the way down one last surprising time.

The seat belts being installed (replacing the lap bars) are in response to the surprisingly more powerful nature of the new version. In the transition from Lap Bars to Seatbelts, one seat per elevator will be lost. 22 people to 21 people. The seat being removed is the old "seatbelt seat." They'll all be a bit wider now so there's enough room to each belt.

Also the metal end of each belt will be a slightly different size, so it can ONLY be connected into the appropriate buckle thus eliminating people buckling in wrong or trying to use one seatbelt for the whole row by mistake.

New Show Effects

  • New sound effects will be introduced to go along with the new drop profiles
  • Air cannons on the third floor level have been added which, in certain sequences will be a show stop in the drop shaft allowing for this new show element to take place
  • "Mystery people" in the drop shafts, ie. the same plastic ghosts from the fifth dimension. One shaft has the Nanny and little girl, and the other shaft has the Actress and Gentleman.
  • Smell effects al-la Soarin' from DCA (Burning Rubber)

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