Firefighters did not rescue guests stuck on Tower of Terror as reported by local Orlando TV news

Aug 18, 2023 in "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"

Posted: Friday August 18, 2023 5:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Despite earlier reports from local Orlando TV news, the latest information suggests that firefighters did not rescue guests stuck on the Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World earlier today.

The ride was down between 2:41 and 4:07pm, and Tower of Terror Cast Members performed a standard ride evacuation.

Local TV news WFTV initially reported that Reedy Creek Fire Department had been called to rescue guests stuck on the Twilight Tower of Terror ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

According to the report, 28 guests were stuck on the ride for 45 minutes.

My Disney Experience currently reports a 145-minute wait time, suggesting that at least one side of the attraction continues to operate.


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jeanericuser001Aug 20, 2023

Reminds me of getting stuck on test track at night just before the park was closed just before the big turn around the side of the building. We were just before that big boost when suddenly the car stopped. We were waiting for 30 minutes. An employee came down to check on us then checked something on the car. Then the car started up and we went from 0 to 60 in what felt like under 10 seconds. The boost was right up there with the hulk and then the breaks were the ugliest of them all. Turns out an employee did a miscount and thought there was no one left on the ride. We were pretty much the last cars but he forgot about us. Thank god cameras caught on and we got out but it was scary for a while.

Smiley/OCDAug 20, 2023

At least if everybody sang, you could’ve drowned her out…

ToTBellHopAug 19, 2023

Imagine getting stuck in the skunk room on JII.

"El Gran Magnifico"Aug 19, 2023

Look on the bright side. At least they didn’t get stuck on It’s A Small World. The PTSD would have taken years of counseling to resolve.

5thGenTexanAug 19, 2023

No,,, AND she expected everyone to sing along. :)

Wicksy82Aug 19, 2023

I got stuck on tower of terror last Sunday evening for almost two hours and firefighters had to rescue us. It was not a pleasant experience.

TrainsOfDisneyAug 19, 2023

Years ago I got stuck before entering the 5th dimension… the doors opened and the work lights came on. I remember the maintenance guy getting on his radio and saying “we are beginning evacuation from the 5th dimension” lol. It was kinda cool… got to walk on the mirror floor. I was once on Everest for and Evac too but we were just one block away from the station so it wasn’t too exciting. One train later and I would have been in the mountain!

Tha RealestAug 19, 2023

The only think worse than the mounting anxiety of being stuck in this ride is having to hear the screams and drops from the other tower/shaft still going on while they were trying to rescue me

bmr1591Aug 19, 2023

I got stuck on it at close two nights back. Vehicle went halfway into the shaft and stopped. Pitch black besides one strobe going and all of us fearful the elevator would slam up and crush half the vehicle. Luckily, mechanisms are in place to stop that. Got to see the area with the lights on though.

Smiley/OCDAug 19, 2023

Was he on key at least?

Clowd NyneAug 19, 2023

Thank you for setting me straight. I will forever more use the proper emoji

GoofyernmostAug 19, 2023

Oh, well then Ha Ha Hee Hee! 🤣 There are emojis that tell the readers that it is a joke. In this case, it was something that realistically could have been said if it actually happened, hence my explanation of why that wasn't going to be rewarded. ;) Sorry I misunderstood. 😥

Captain Culpepper ClineAug 19, 2023

I got stuck in the crowded library of Tower of Terror in pitch black. Maybe its time for me to upload video to YouTube.

Clowd NyneAug 19, 2023

I T. W a s. A. J o k e.