Walt Disney World's iconic Twilight Zone Tower of Terror billboard to be permanently removed

Jul 13, 2022 in "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror billboard on World Drive - 2022
Posted: Wednesday July 13, 2022 6:51am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The famous Twilight Zone Tower of Terror sign on World Drive will be permanently removed with work to begin imminently.


The giant animated billboard just outside Disney's Hollywood Studios on World Drive has been a landmark at Walt Disney World for decades and has gone through frequent updates, including a name change to the park and promoting different versions of the Tower of Terror attraction.

There is no word on why the billboard is being removed, but the structure is likely expensive to maintain and viewed as unnecessary. The area will become home to landscaping instead.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction will remain open as usual with no plans for any changes.

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GoofyernmostNov 07, 2022

Heck, if I were to even consider another Disney related trip it would be to Tokyo Disneyland.

FettFanNov 05, 2022

Shoot, with the way Disney is nickel-and-diming guests, Europe or Asia might actually be more cost-effective. GF and I are actually planning for the UK in either 2024 or 2025.

J4546Nov 03, 2022

If I had a budget to, I would def check out some parks overseas like PhantasiaLand or Europa in Germany

FettFanNov 03, 2022

Aye. Mardi Gras 2023 will be my absolutely last Disney trip with the current regime in place. I’m just hoping that Splash will be open for a few more farewell rides. I don’t even particularly *want* to go, and only consented because of other circumstances. I’ve floated ideas for everything from Dollywood to Noah’s Ark. Anyway, D’Amaro and Chapek are running the parks into the blooming ground.

FettFanNov 03, 2022

Lol. Aged like milk.

StarshipDisneyOct 29, 2022

I doubt this time around. Chapek is doing horrible and permanent damage to the Disney brand that I believe will never be undone. I am already planning our 2023 trip for Universal and Seaworld. Need to visit NASA someday. Disney is going downhill with no end in sight.

Disstevefan1Oct 28, 2022

The reason why it always seems to work out just fine is because no matter what is done at WDW, folks keep coming back. That is not dramatic, it's just the fact.

CreathirOct 28, 2022

I stand by my statement. No dramatics were needed... why rip down stuff like this? What purpose does it serve? What is the argument to do so? Save some money?

PDizOct 28, 2022

Oh my a bit dramatic aren’t we?? Disney always has a method to their madness and always seems to work out just fine.

FettFanJul 27, 2022

Shuri's still part of the Universal contract because she's not an original MCU creation; her first comics appearance was 2005, three years before the MCU got started and 12 years before the Black Panther movie. Black Panther and all associated comic book characters is part of the Avengers Family, and this is only reinforced by the fact that Black Panther Wakanda Forever's plot is based on an amalgamation of Avengers vs. X-Men from 2012 in which Namor attacks Wakanda because the Avengers are holding out there, and the New Avengers series from 2013 in which Queen Shuri counterattacks Atlantis. And if the rumors of a certain *other* villain pulling strings behind the scenes are true.... we can also throw in Black Panther #27 from 2001.

RSoxNo1Jul 27, 2022

As unfortunate as Chadwick Boseman's passing is, it very likely gives Disney an out when it comes to building Wakanda in Florida. While they haven't stated this, the assumption online is that Wakanda and all other non T'Challa characters are available for use in Florida. The question would be, could any future Black Panther that isn't T'Challa be represented. They built Galaxy's Edge without any of the original characters. They built Star Tours without most of the characters. The precedent is there. Having said that, the move for me would be Rock 'n' Roller Coaster to Animation Courtyard. That makes the most sense.

cranbizJul 26, 2022

That sign isn't going anywhere. DVC is not the red headed step child.

Captain BarbossaJul 26, 2022

It’s for DVC. Of course it’s going to survive.

gerararJul 26, 2022

Onto the next one!! Anyways, according to BlogMickey, standard maintenance and repainting is actually being done on the sign/billboard.