Unplanned maintenance closes Twilight Zone Tower of Terror as a section of the exterior is cut open

Nov 03, 2021 in "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"

Tower of Terror closed for maintenance November 3 2021
Posted: Wednesday November 3, 2021 10:36am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios is closed today as unplanned ride system maintenance continues.

We reported a couple of days ago that scaffolding was up on the exterior, and today the ride is closed, and a large section of the exterior has been cut open. It appears that the work on the ride system is being carried out in an area that is not normally needed to be accessible, resulting in this rather unconventional access method.

A direct view into the area is blocked by a construction wall.

The ride is closed to guests, and cast members (including legendary Tower Cast Members TJ) are in front of the Hollywood Tower Hotel advising of the closure and directing guest to Rock 'n' RollerCoaster as an alternative.

Cast members do not have any information on when the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will resume operations.

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Magicart87Nov 12, 2021

Wanna know the rest? Hey, buy the rights... How bizarre How bizarre, how bizarre

freediverdudeNov 11, 2021

When they sawed open the wall, they found Rod Serling's frozen head, short circuiting the motors. How bizarre.

SingleRiderNov 11, 2021

Echo is operational this morning. I rode it and the drops seemed more intense than Foxtrot yesterday.

celluloidNov 11, 2021

They can't even get the RnRollercoaster exterior guitar signage refurbishment finished.(months now) I think something this big is going to take awhile.

SingleRiderNov 11, 2021

I rode again later today and Charlie was operating again. Echo was still down.

RodjNov 10, 2021

Scaffolding was taken down and the wall where the hole is was put back in place looking at a stream from yesterday. While the streamers were pointing the camera at Tower, I was able to see Foxtrot do Profile 1 and then Profile 4 after. It still looks like Profile 1 is still the modified version, as it was sitting at the top longer. Interestingly when Profile 4 was going on, I saw an odd strobe flash inside of the shaft(not coming from the sign strobes) after the 2nd drop.

HauntedPirateNov 10, 2021

Come on, Disney, if you’re going to fix something, do it right! 🤬

Epcot_ImagineerNov 10, 2021

Wow. So running at 1/4 capacity. I guess this means we can imply that Echo was the shaft with complete motor replacement if only one sided.

SingleRiderNov 10, 2021

I just rode Tower and Echo was not running. Also for some reason they weren’t loading Charlie.

Epcot_ImagineerNov 10, 2021

I believe all of the articles I’m seeing on ToT wait times are indicative of only one motor getting a full replacement. Having one shaft down for an amount of time for testing and preparation after a replacement makes sense. If both shafts were replaced I’d imagine the entire attraction would be down for a certain period of time.

Tom MorrowNov 10, 2021

Really hoping we can get the profiles restored to full power again. This, combined with the weak and out of sync audio, has turned the Florida Tower into a joke.

tommyhawkinsNov 10, 2021

just to be clear. Disney FY 2022 started on October 1st, and we're going to be hearing earnings on Q4 FY2021 this week. Im saying in theory it *should* return to that 4.3% figure when we get the Q1 results in Feb.......but that doesn't take into account of them being tightasses and they could well continue to nickel and dime spending for the next few years, since there arent actually new projects announced and they let a few of higher earning WDI ppl go with golden handshakes cos they didnt wanna pay them to do nothing for a few years

Rob562Nov 10, 2021

If I'm not mistaken, the motors are back to back in the center, since the overall mechanism is wider than the shaft itself. So the two motors extend into the space over the center section between shafts. (That's also why the shafts on the 3-shaft Towers aren't quite evenly spaced across the front of the tower. They need to account for the center shaft's motor sticking out to one side) Going from the center, you have the motor, then the cable spool over the center of the shaft, then the cable spool over the VVC counterweight along the outside side of the shaft. -Rob

MisterPenguinNov 10, 2021

Yes, we knew last years (2020-2021) capex would be lower than normal since they said so in their previous quarterly reports. So, for the last quarter of 2021 (July - Oct 2021), capex is expected to be low. As they said it would. Aren't you saying that in the new year of 2021-2022 that the capex will also be low? And if yes, how do you know that?