PHOTOS - A look at the Swiss Family Treehouse refurbishment

Aug 09, 2016 in "Swiss Family Treehouse"

Swiss Family Treehouse refurbishment
Posted: Tuesday August 9, 2016 9:46pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Swiss Family Treehouse is currently closed for a 2 month refurbishment.

Work began on July 6, with most the area behind decorative construction scrims.

The refurbishment is planned through to September 24, reopening on September 25 2016.

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wdwgreekOct 27, 2016

Looks great! A coat of new paint can make a huge difference!

Musicman20Oct 27, 2016

Looks great! I've never been in this before, and it was closed on my last trip. Next time!

Next Big ThingOct 27, 2016

Do we have a before/after photo? I can't remember what vegetation looked like before...

Goofnut1980Oct 27, 2016

Seems nice to actually see the treehouse. Everything was so overgrown !!

MinnieM123Oct 26, 2016

Thank you for these pictures. I really like the updated Tree House.

BocabearOct 26, 2016

it looks beautiful! Nice job

DisneyJeffOct 26, 2016

As always, thanks for the photo update!! Now that you mention it, it did seem like the tree was lived-in but abandoned. These pictures make it look like the Robinsons are actually living there, just away for the day. The new (or newly working) water features look really cool.

WDWtravelerOct 26, 2016

Photo update as of Wednesday, Oct 26. Swiss Family Robinson Tree House opened yesterday, Tuesday, October 25. A lot of wooden walkways and railings were replaced, and new paint applied, but with Imagineer "weathering," it all appears to have been there for some time, as it blends in well. The three most visible improvements: (1) the "rooms" in which all the furniture has been refinished and looks beautiful, with new clothes and bedding laid out; (2) the removal of vegetation during refurbishment allows more light into the tree; and (3) the water features are operative. The living spaces are clean now, with no visible dirt as if the tree house had been abandoned. 171716 171717

rreadingOct 12, 2016

Not likely. We were there and "Hurricane Matthew" was really just a big storm. Unless it messed up something in progress, it shouldn't have affected normal operations.

RinxOct 12, 2016

Is this anyway related to Hurricane Matthew and any possible damage?

elchippoOct 12, 2016

I've not been the biggest fan of "interactive queue" elements, but this is an attraction that might see some benefit if it had some throughout!

DisneyJeffOct 12, 2016

What could they possibly be doing for this long of a refurbishment? Will there be any major changes? I can't imagine that a regular cleaning/painting would take this long. Perhaps they are adding a Media Room with Dolby Digital Surround Sound, a wet bar, and a powder room off to the side. The Robinson's are finally getting the finished basement they've always wanted!!! :)

DaveeeeedOct 12, 2016

Great news!!!

wdwmagicOct 12, 2016

Swiss Family Robinson Tree house refurbishment extended