Short refurbishment planned for the Swiss Family Treehouse later this year

Feb 03, 2020 in "Swiss Family Treehouse"

Posted: Monday February 3, 2020 9:19am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Swiss Family Treehouse at the Magic Kingdom is scheduled to close for refurbishment later this year.

The closure begins on April 27 through to May 3, reopening to guests on May 4 2020.

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lazyboy97oFeb 06, 2020

It is something people can just discover. Central Florida theme parks need more attractions people discover and enjoy.

999th Happy HauntFeb 06, 2020

Even if I don’t climb the treehouse every trip, i still love seeing it just walking around Adventureland. Would be really upset if it were to go away, especially since it occupies such a small footprint.

BocabearFeb 06, 2020

The treehouse was one of the "wonders of Walt Disney World" when it opened... a man made tree of this scale. it was and still is to this day a spectacular set piece and design triumph. With the Jungle Cruise next door, there is really nothing else that would fit that space. They already removed the other Wonder of Walt Disney World (20k Sub Lagoon)...There should be no reason to remove this spectacular place-setting work of art.

MrPromeyFeb 06, 2020

You're right that it's not ADA compliant and that it doesn't do much for guest capacity but relative to amost all other attractions, it takes up very little space and also works as a fantastic set piece for Adventure Land, even if you never go up it. If they were to remove this, what do you think would go in its place that would fit the tropical theme? A building of some sort to make the jungle look less like a jungle? What would this building house? A Gift shop? A very small restaurant? Certainly, you wouldn't be expecting a high-capacity 1-2 story attraction of a different sort to fit in this space, would you? On most days, this thing requires zero staffing - even at the entrance so aside from the refubs, I don't think it's taking much away from anyone in terms of budget, or potential for anything else that could go in the space so why not just live and let live on this one?

TrainsOfDisneyFeb 05, 2020

They can watch it on Disney+ while experiencing the attraction if they wanted to!

CrazydisneyfanlukeFeb 05, 2020

People still enjoy it. It counts as one of their "Magical moments". It doesn't cost any labor to operate either.

larryzFeb 05, 2020

Which one?

JenniferSFeb 05, 2020

I’ll convert.

larryzFeb 05, 2020

The original tree house had an elevator. It was capacity limited, of course, being made of rope and hand- and water-powered.

larryzFeb 05, 2020

Living in the MK is prohibited unless you're a feral cat or alligator.

Hank HillFeb 05, 2020

I read the "root system" of Magic Kingdom's tree goes four stories into the ground. Meaning it is not an easy thing to pull out. And any work would close JC. For the space it would save, there really isn't much they could put in there. So I don't see it leaving any time soon. I would like them to add some more info about the movie. Maybe in the queue or something. Doubtful many people actually remember the movie, so a little extra information would help people understand the tree-house more. Maybe even raise awareness about the movie.

John park hopperFeb 05, 2020

Maybe the refurbishment is they are installing an elevator just so the tree house will be ADA compliant for you

HauntedMansionFLAFeb 05, 2020

I guess it’s like Tom Sawyer Island and they want to leave overlook the problems you listed. More attractions take up a ton of real estate.

TrainsOfDisneyFeb 05, 2020

What would you put there? There’s really only space for a spinner unless it was something that would interact with the jungle cruise or go across the train tracks. It’s an opening day attraction that is a nice quaint piece of Disney history. Even if you haven’t seen the classic movie, anyone gets the idea of an ultimate treehouse.