Short refurbishment planned for the Swiss Family Treehouse in March 2021

Feb 02, 2021 in "Swiss Family Treehouse"

Swiss Family Treehouse overview
Posted: Tuesday February 2, 2021 11:38am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Swiss Family Treehouse at the Magic Kingdom is scheduled to close for refurbishment later this year.

The closure begins on March 12 through to March 25, reopening to guests on March 26 2021

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Cedwards38Feb 10, 2021

I too love the SFR Treehouse. It is traditionally the first stop for my family when we visit the MK. Shine it up, but don’t change the theme. I just bought my grandson the book so that he will understand it when we visit in 10/21.

CynBethFeb 08, 2021

Same here.

JIMINYCRFeb 08, 2021

I'm another fan of the Treehouse. A spot where theres a relaxing stroll through without a backed up line to wait in. I find it gives a nice break from the crowds, a few nice park views through the branches, a lot of interesting items placed throughout with connections to a classic Disney film. I always can linger around, taking my time to enjoy it as part of my park day.

CommunicoraFeb 07, 2021

I love the treehouse. It's such a shame they rethemed it in Disneyland. I hope this refurb ensures it sticks around for quite some time.

Brer OswaldFeb 07, 2021

I don’t really have any attachment to the Swiss Family Robinson IP, but it would be a shame to see this retheme to Tarzan or something else (although that isn’t happening now). The treehouse has this perfect blend of exaggerated Fantasy and realism in its props and set design. The only other place in the park that nails this are in the backwoods of Frontierland (that you can see on the Train) and on Tom Sawyer Island. Also don’t care much for that IP, but the execution is wonderful, and requires zero prior knowledge of me as a guest in order to appreciate it.

JenniferSFeb 07, 2021

Yeah ... no.

oogie boogie manFeb 06, 2021

Damn, I was hoping it would be turned into firewood. It's only remained because Disney wants to say they have a certain amount of attractions.

180ºFeb 05, 2021

Thank you @wdwmagic for the report! On the other hand, how dare you prolong our Treehouse forum nightmare. ;)

TarzanForeverFeb 05, 2021

How interesting

zero creativityFeb 03, 2021

I remember being disappointed in the treehouse as a kid because it was different from what was in the movie.

ppete1975Feb 02, 2021

It took them one night to replace the three cabs with cutouts, how long would it take to put a tarzan cutout and a new sign. im kidding this is probably just cleaning everything

Brer OswaldFeb 02, 2021

The Soul thing was a couple of posters and some instruments. I think you’re underestimating how many “props” are in the Treehouse. It took nearly 4 months to change the Disneyland one, and that was without COVID.

WondersOfLifeFeb 02, 2021

How long did it take them to set up the Soul exhibit? Not from the time it was announced. Just from when they started removing paintings and whatnot. I imagine the process would be just as complicated if they know how a screw gun and a couple of paint brushes/cans work. Also, wasn't PeopleMover supposed to be a "short" refurbishment? Well... Short in regard to why it initially closed. (For the record, I'm not saying it's happening... But it's not impossible)

Brer OswaldFeb 02, 2021

Longer than 2 weeks. This is Disney we are talking about.