The Swiss Family Treehouse closing for refurbishment later this month

Mar 03, 2014 in "Swiss Family Treehouse"

Posted: Monday March 3, 2014 9:45am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's 'Swiss Family Treehouse' will be closing for a refurbishment later this month.

The walk-through attraction closes on March 17 through to March 28, reopening to guests on March 29 2014. The treehouse last went down for a refurbishment in late 2011.

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BeholderMar 04, 2014

The Treehouse is woven into the fabric of my childhood. It's a part of every MK visit. As a kid, I would imagine what it would be like to actually live in something like this. And as far as Disney attractions/rides go, it was the only one within the (childhood) realm of actually replicating on my own. I could have a treehouse, and with a little imagination and a few cardboard boxes, I'd have my own version. Times change and the way imagination is stimulated has changed, but for me, that real physical interface is pretty awesome.

surfsupdonMar 04, 2014

I totally understand your point, but as a kid that did not matter for me, but I can't explain how lol. It carried over into my 20s and I still enjoy the Treehouse.

Matt_BlackMar 04, 2014

No, no, I remember the film too, and none too fondly. The moral? Big brawny boring guys get the girl, while scrawny, sensitive, brainy Tommy Kirks get shipped off to Europe. BOO!

MKCP 1985Mar 04, 2014

That is probably a rhetorical question, but since you quoted my post I will answer by saying 1. Whether there are expansion pads available is not a certainty; Adventureland hasn't been expanded since the park opened. When they wanted to add an attraction, they just plopped a spinner with spitting camels right in the middle of the walkway. I don't think much of anybody wants a repeat of that. 2. The Magic Kingdom has a track record of removing attractions that are judged by the powers that be to be past their prime; and 3. If the space occupied by the Treehouse can be more appealing and enticing by replacing an existing attraction with something planned to be better, that could be a reason to replace rather than expand. Pooh for Toad, Buzz Lightyear for Dream Flight, etc. @surfsupdon Don raises the point of the attraction's nostalgic appeal, but I have always fallen more into @Matt_Black's camp of thinking it was too "off limits" to really be fun, even though I am one of the few(er than there used to be) people who remember the movie. All a moot point, I suppose. The treehouse is getting a refurb, not a closure, right?

djlaoscMar 04, 2014

Aren't there two expansion pads available in Adventureland without removing anything? Why don't we start by filling them before we get rid of another attraction?

SpectroMan93Mar 03, 2014

Indiana Jones Adventure. That's all I'm gonna say.

Matt_BlackMar 03, 2014

I disagree. You get to stand behind a barricade and look at someone's bed. Woo! Maybe if you could actually go into the rooms and interact with the stuff, yeah.

surfsupdonMar 03, 2014

Or people with an imagination and a fodness for the original movie. That movie was a favorite, a classic, growing up. The Treehouse is great to imagine being yours. And it's really cool at night. I don't bring tripods or have kids, yet, lol.

MKCP 1985Mar 03, 2014

Peace and quiet is for the hotel room, not something called an attraction in a place named ADVENTUREland. :D If there were more attractions in the Adventureland area, I could be persuaded to leave the Treehouse alone for those who enjoy the photography opportunities it offers and the respite from the crowds. But alas, Adventureland needs Adventure so the treehouse needs to be retired to yesterdayland and replaced by something adventurous and ADA compliant! I still say installing a zipline to go over the Jungle Cruise rivers would be a great improvement,but since that will never happen I just hope for the day somebody comes up with something exciting that could fit in the available space. "Hypnotiq Tales with Kaa?" maybe? "Archery contest with Robin Hood and Little John?" "Gator races with the Rescuers?" Nope, just a dumb old treehouse with pretty views for people who bring their tripods or are looking to hide from their kids. :lol

JenniferSMar 03, 2014

I am the 46 year old mother of two boys in their late teens. I dream of running away to live in that treehouse EVERY DAY!!

JohnMar 03, 2014

Just thought of something.....I bet there are people right here at the Magic who have never even experienced the Tree house.....SMH....For me it is a must do, the movie is a childhood classic. How many of us when we were kids wished we were living in that tree house? How many o us wished we were the ones living on that island? Isn't this what WDW is supposed to be? A place for ALL to enjoy? Well some of us are over 40 years of age and can romanticize and recapture just a small part of our childhood. Boring? Well then, if you find it boring there is always the Stitch attraction for you.:facepalm:

ScuttleMar 03, 2014

Exactly, and that's why I cringe when the rumors swirl about TSI and Swiss. Those are the two places you can avoid FP+ and actually have some peace and quiet.

JenniferSMar 03, 2014

Says you. Clearly not everyone agrees. Perhaps you should have said, "I think Swiss Family Treehouse is INCREDIBLY boring". I think Swiss Family Treehouse is an outstanding walk-through attraction, affording beautiful views of the park, especially at night. It is a must-do for us at least once per trip. YMMV.

tl77Mar 03, 2014

peace and quite is a good point