Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance resumes operation following lightning strike closure yesterday

Aug 12, 2020 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

Posted: Wednesday August 12, 2020 10:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Technical problems at Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance appear to have been overcome today, as the ride resumes operation at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Virtual queue reservations opened as normal today at 10am, and began immediate boarding with groups 1 - 3.

The ride was closed all day yesterday, despite boarding groups being assigned. Monday night saw severe storms in the area and a resulting lightning strike directly on the ride's show building. Damage appears to have been light, but may have impacted some of the building's power systems.

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MisterPenguin12 hours ago

disneygeek9012 hours ago

Entered queue at 7, 40 mins to the first preshow. About an hour for the full ride. Loved it tonight but let’s see what happens with more crowds + LL. For now, take that @KevinPage ! 😜

Darstarr13 hours ago

I was thinking that very same thing.

wdwmagic13 hours ago

DCBaker14 hours ago

disneygeek9014 hours ago

At the park and ride is down. Some things never change! 😁

CaptainAmerica16 hours ago

Do we know if they're using the RFID cards (at this ride or anything else right now)?

disneygeek9016 hours ago

75 now. But this is also a "slow" period.

doctornick16 hours ago

I was actually wondering if they would argue that the posted wait time is until you get onto the ride vehicle (i.e. not counting the pre shows including the shuttle).

CaptainAmerica16 hours ago

Posted wait is now one hour. Ain't nobody gonna pay to skip that.

disneygeek9017 hours ago

"Temporarily Closed."

CaptainAmerica17 hours ago

So few people are going to pay a la carte that I don't think it'll change very much. I'm predicting that Genie+ itself will be a huge success and that the Individual Attraction Selections will be a giant flop.

CaptainAmerica17 hours ago


wdwmagic17 hours ago

My expectation is between $15 and $24