Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance remains closed today possibly due to lightning strike last night

Aug 11, 2020 in "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance"

UPDATED 3:45pm

Guests with boarding groups have just been notified that the attraction will not be operating today.

Original Article:

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is facing extended downtime today with no boarding groups admitted into the attraction as of 2:45pm.

Like on any typical day, the 10am boarding group allocation was snapped up with seconds, and those who secured early groups were given an expected 30 minute estimated return time. No groups were subsequently called, and the 2pm virtual queue allocation was also filled in around 10 seconds.

ABC News has a video of a severe lightning strike hitting one of the spires within Galaxy's Edge during a severe thunderstorm last night. On all of its structures, Disney employs extremely comprehensive lightning mitigation systems, which would have certainly been called upon during this direct hit.

It isn't clear yet if the ride sustained any damage as a result, although the fact that Disney has continued to allocate boarding groups would suggest that it isn't anything major or expected to cause a sustained closure.

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Article Posted: Aug 11, 2020 / 2:36pm ET
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DCBaker3 hours ago

2pm slots filled in ~8 seconds. Current groups called up to 43 (12 groups less than yesterday).

vikescaper4 hours ago

After a brief scare this morning, my streak of getting a Rise of the Resistance boarding group is alive and well. One of my party members had a payment issue with her AP so we were cutting it close getting into the park on time. Ended up getting group 57 today despite that!

revancho5 hours ago

Advice from a Guest Experience Team cast member that seemed to help me get a 2pm group. 1. Dont’t use Wifi. 2. Shortly before 10:00am (or 2:00pm) go to the Virtual Queues page from the bottom right menu. 3. When the time gets to 9:59am (or 1:59pm) pull down that page one time to refresh. No need to refresh repeatedly. 4. As soon as your clock strikes 10:00am (or 2:00pm) press the Join Virtual Queue button as fast as possible. I don’t think it changes color or anything. You just need to hit it right at 10:00am (or 2:00pm). 5. Hit the remaining Join/Confirm buttons on the next two pages as fast as possible without hesitating or even reading. I think this was the key tip that helped me. Just click, click, click. The cast member said not to worry about selecting group members or making sure they are correct. If someone was missed, they will be able to help you add them afterward.

DCBaker7 hours ago

10am slots filled in ~9 seconds.

RFM5720 hours ago

I am happy to yield to the advice of the expert! I was repeating what I had thought I had read here, and what I am sure I heard a cast member announce to all prior to the 10am launch. He was not, however, a bus driver, so I should have been more skeptical. Our experience this afternoon certainly supports your veiw.

DCBaker21 hours ago

112 is the last group of the night, called around 7:30pm (6 groups more than yesterday).

RFM5722 hours ago

I would agree. I don't know what the queue wait usually is, once your group is called, but it took us a half hour, or more, to get through to a preshow scene, then it moved pretty well along at the rest of the "stops." Larger groups may well help that. At MF SR there was a group of 12 a bit ahead of us. I don't think they all went on one trip together... ;-)

DCBaker22 hours ago

105 is the last group of the night, called around 6:25pm (1 group less than yesterday).

KevinPage23 hours ago

I would disagree with that. The more people you have gunning for the group, the better. 2-3 shots at the basket are better than one. I have yet to hear of anyone cancelling out someone else in their party. Routinely my daughter and I both attempt it. I beat her to the punch nearly every time and she just gets an error message or that she is already in a group. BUT there were 2x where she saved our 🥓. First time my app crashed, 2nd time the JOIN wouldn’t populate for me. She was able to get BG each time. 🤩

KevinPage23 hours ago

I like the idea of large groups going in those cars and times when a bunch of people show up all at once and they need to get people out of the queue faster. But they could be installing them in waves.

RFM5723 hours ago

Good points, agreed. I'm not sure, but the second time, when I got a pass, I might have been on wifi. Data bars were high each time, but lag could have been an issue. Our group was called and we had a great first time on the ride. The partitions are soft plastic and we were in front of the car ( no one in back) and I think visibility could well be impacted. BTW, many cars do not have the partition. They seemed to be putting larger groups in those. Many thanks to @Magic Feather, et al, for the tips here!!!

KevinPage1 day ago

Good luck. Always make sure you have all the bars of cellular strength too. But you are always at the mercy of how fast your carrier is processing at that exact time and how many other people in the whole park with you have the same carrier and doing the same thing.

RFM571 day ago

Tried at 2 with my wife's iPhone and she was refreshing a lot, so I hit refresh once, got join, hit it, then continue and we were in! Wife hit join just after and it said we were already in the queue. I never saw a confirmation. We got group 72. It's up to 62 now, so fingers crossed it doesn't break down.

DCBaker1 day ago

2pm slots filled in ~8 seconds. Current groups called up to 55 (1 group more than yesterday).