PHOTOS - Exterior work on Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom

Sep 25, 2020 in "Space Mountain"

Space Mountain exterior refurbishment - September 2020
Posted: Friday September 25, 2020 12:36pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Maintenance crews have started work  on the exterior of Space Mountain today at the Magic Kingdom.

The exterior of the mountain has been in rough shape in recent months, looking very discolored, despite being recoated in 2017.

Hopefully Space Mountain is in for some attention to look its best for the relaunch of Tomorrowland and TRON in 2021.

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SilentWindODoomDec 18, 2020

You've killed my joke. Murdered in cold blood. Look at what you've done to my boy.

brihowDec 16, 2020

Is there confirmation that it actually got cleaned?

larryzDec 16, 2020

... covered in mold and dirt again.

SilentWindODoomDec 16, 2020

Yeah. You know how it is. The Florida sun bleaches everything. After a week's worth of sun, it'll be... Wait...

JoeCamelSep 25, 2020

For 10 minutes, this is Florida

DisneyDebRobSep 25, 2020

You mean it might be white again?