PHOTO - New paint for Space Mountain

Aug 25, 2017 in "Space Mountain"

Space Mountain exterior paint work
Posted: Friday August 25, 2017 9:36am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain is in the middle of an exterior refurbishment, and as you can see from the picture above, it is quite a difference.

Work is still underway, but the difference between the repainted right side and the old left side is very noticeable.

The near 43 year old enclosed rollercoaster has been receiving a couple of updates of the last few years, with the last exterior update being the installation of new RGB color changing lighting.

Space Mountain continues to operate as normal during the exterior refurbishment.

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rocketraccoonAug 29, 2017

I think it's just the light. That area has been darker than the rest for awhile now. From July 26th

rle4lunchAug 29, 2017

If this was a true Tomorrowland project, they'd have hover painters and robot drones doing all the painting. Disney, you've let me down again. :rolleyes:

hpyhnt 1000Aug 29, 2017

Thought that was a bit farther left of that angle? It could be though.

matt9112Aug 29, 2017

now just to give the inside some in tons of love. ride needs a good 6 months at least!

po1998Aug 28, 2017

Look really nice...thumbs up!!

zakattack99Aug 28, 2017

Sorry if this was asked but I know it was pressure washed but was the building stripped first as well or was the old color just that dirty and or faded?! It almost looks like there is no paint left on the unpainted sections.

mandstaftAug 28, 2017

Now about that awful looking monorail track...

marni1971Aug 28, 2017

Is the dark section not adjacent to the WEDWay track?

hpyhnt 1000Aug 28, 2017

You may be getting your wish. Can anyone confirm that's a darker blue going up along the sides? I'm pretty sure it's a different hue and not a trick of the light. EDIT - Looks like that section has been darker for some time to match the adjacent old arcade building. It'd be nice if it was extended around the entire building.

wdwdude1Aug 27, 2017

Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing!

Tom MorrowAug 27, 2017

It has looked bad for over a decade. Glad they're finally getting around to this, but still surprised it took this long.

rocketraccoonAug 27, 2017 Scaffolding off of all the spires for now.

jt04Aug 25, 2017

Very pleased the kept the classic look. If we get the Tron canopy similar to Shanghai it will contrast well. IMO.

MattyBearAug 25, 2017

Anyone know when this project is going to be completed? Looks great!