Epcot Forever to debut as interim show before full Reflections of Earth replacement

Nov 17, 2018 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Posted: Saturday November 17, 2018 9:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has just announced that its new Illuminations replacement show will debut in 2020.

The unnamed new nighttime spectacular will celebrate how Disney music inspires people around the world, and will feature massive floating set pieces, custom-built LED panels, choreographed moving fountains, lights, pyrotechnics and lasers.

Before that new show begins, there will be a limited-time experience, called "Epcot Forever," which will debut in fall 2019 and will feature classic Epcot tunes. 

"Epcot Forever" will begin with a spark of imagination that swells into an epic spectacle of fireworks, music, lighting, lasers, and special effects kites.

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tparris6 hours ago

Parts of the ToN score has been rearranged as part of the new Creations Shop music loop. You can hear it in the ResortTV livestream from Wednesday, from around the 15:41-18:00 time mark. The music that plays afterwards also sounds familiar, but I’m not quite sure what it’s from.

JohnD12 hours ago

Good song. Wrong place.

TrojanUSC19 hours ago

Will never forget opening night when this got booed around the lagoon.

Movielover20 hours ago

I actually really like it, or at least the specific rescoring of it, they included different horns and strings which to me blends it well with the Epcot original music. I get why people have a problem with it but to me it was a good ending to the show.

DonaldDoleWhip1 day ago

Another compliment I’ll throw EF’s way - the pre-show music is really fun. Not as serious as RoE’s, but very festive and bouncy. Really enjoyed walking around the lagoon and taking it in.

Richie2481 day ago

Excited to see this one last time. I've really come to love this show....mostly because I've always been a fan of "vintage" Epcot tunes....and yes "A Whole New World" is considered the "future" of Epcot/Ipcot.....

JohnD1 day ago

Glad I picked up the CD (WDW Millennium Celebration)

DonaldDoleWhip1 day ago

Finally caught EF in-person the other night. Have to say I really enjoyed the Tapestry of Nations + Golden Dream segment. The rest didn't really speak to me, but it's still more than I was expecting. Would love to see the ToN soundtrack preserved somewhere in the park, but at least it had a good run as ROE's post-show music.

Captain Barbossa1 day ago

Just another middle finger from the Bobs

JohnD1 day ago

I know this has been discussed before but A Whole New World just seems so out of place compared to all the other Epcot-specific music.

wdwmagic1 day ago

Here is a look at EPCOT Forever from last night

marni1971Jul 12, 2021


DisoneJul 12, 2021

And it better be. I think I am not alone in thinking the same thing. Agree. But also why I assumed Harmonious, which truly with the amount of infrastructure they have built must be intended did to be a showstopper and not a stopgap. Disagree. Ignite is definitely the better show of the two. No question there. But Epcot forever definitely out powers Ignite in both terms of Firepower and variety of fireworks. Agree. I have very Happily Ever After 2.0 expectations of Harmonious. SeaWorld Orlando's Ignite is truly a happy accident. 9 minutes of keeping you guessing as to whats next. Truly an outstanding show and it's complimentary dance party is definitely the best theme park dance party any of the theme parks have ever offered. In Tomorrowland and in Dinoland Disney is well-known for its cringe-worthy dance parties. Sea world's electric ocean dance parties are actually fun and not cringe-worthy. They're also use effectively as a build-up to the Ignite nighttime spectacular and a wind down from that same show.

SoccerbradJul 12, 2021

@marni1971 Is Harm being designed as a showstopper? Or a long term “stop gap” so that people still show up for dinner and see a show as cheaply as possible?