A piece of IllumiNations Reflections of Earth pyro launch hardware to be auctioned

Jun 04, 2020 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Posted: Thursday June 4, 2020 12:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers is offering a piece of hardware from the former Epcot nighttime spectacular - IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

Described as "12ft x 12ft Pontoon Marine Equipment, the barge will be sold through a timed auction on the RBAuction website. It appears from the website pictures that there are at least two available.

The "midi barge" was introduced for the Reflections of Earth show back in 1999, and worked alongside the existing "maxi barges" from IllumiNations to offer more pyro launch locations in the center of the World Showcase Lagoon.

Reflections of Earth had its final performance at the end of September 2019, and much of the hardware was scrapped. Some of the smaller pieces were kept, and are now being sold.

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Kittlesona3 days ago

I finally saw Harmonious for the first time. It felt like it lacked a story. I got the impression from the beginning and finale that some poor imagineer presented a concept and then got micromanaged into this final product. I agree with the comments that the post show was in some ways better than the actual show. The barges are super cool technology that felt improperly used. I was overall left very disappointed.

TDLFan4 days ago

Any rumors circulating if Harmonious will have a holiday tag this year?

peter114356 days ago

Harmonious uses more fireworks than any show that has come before on that lagoon.

The Lochness Monsta8 days ago

I'm not impressed by "Erroneous", I think the lagoon is too big for it to be effective. It feels like Disney was just trying to save money on fireworks.

trainplane330 days ago

Thing is, this a location that someone had to pay $400 to do. The fireworks cruise isn't cheap. If I had to foot the bill then I'd be pretty sour knowing I missed a chunk of the show.

TheMaxRebo31 days ago

The same people that planned for high prices corporate events to be held on the roof of that World Celebration tower that would have straight in view of said flat screen But seriously, even as a Harmonius defender, that is definitely a shortcoming of the show

trainplane331 days ago

Saw Harmonious for the first time tonight. Neat tech, music is meh to me, and WHO THOUGHT A FLAT SCREEN WAS A GOOD IDEA. Like, come on! Video from my viewpoint last night:

wbostic12Jul 10, 2022

I think Harmonious is inherently flawed as a show within EPCOT, but I believe if three things were done, it would be improved dramatically. 1) Replace Stargate with larger globe. 2) Have the tacos replaced with a barge with some kind of curving screen that is able to face more people. 3)Allow for the removal of the barges during the day. Is this probably going to happen? No. Almost no chance. But with the failure of Harmonious (and the near admittance of that failure by means of surveys and a live event), I hope someone in Guest relations will be able to persuade management for a change of the elements of this show. As much as I wish we could go back to ROE, I think the current management would be more likely to ship the barges to Paris for the WDS lagoon show and keep the IP than anything else.

SaucyBoyJul 07, 2022

I saw Harmonious tonight. It's a visually stunning experience but I walked away going "meh." There were some pyro and tech moments that made me go "ooo and ahh" but overall, for me, there was definitely a lack of soul and emotion with this show. I echo some sentiments I've read online that it feels disjointed and too over the top. It would have been nice to see the full effects of the hardware appear over time. I will say I was quite impressed with the center water screen. I enjoyed the post-how, though. My brief takeaway is that I didn't hate it but I didn't love it. Maybe it's one of those things you have to see more than once to appreciate, who knows. The magic may be calling, as played at the end of the evening, but if it's Harmonious on the other end, I likely won't pick up.

trainplane3Jul 06, 2022

It's almost like this should've been researched ahead of time. And when I say researched, I mean "they have 30 years of firework shows in Epcot and know what does and doesn't work but they still built something with poor views". Literally, bigger globe. That's all that was needed. Not some flat water screen.

DisneywithNickJul 06, 2022

Kind of funny that Disney acknowledges the viewing area issues.

SaucyBoyJul 05, 2022

Thank goodness. That's probably one of the worst and overrated patriotic songs in existence. Give me the classic patriotic songs any day over that mess.

vikescaperJul 05, 2022

Tonight was my second time watching Harmonious and I won’t rush back to see it for a while (probably October 1). I do like the finale but I feel disconnected from the rest of the show. Is it my imagination or is there minimal laser usage in the show. I know they are used to make various shapes throughout the show but other than those, I don’t recall other laser usage. During the Heartbeat of Freedom tag, I noticed them more.

DisneywithNickJul 05, 2022

Nobody has mentioned this yet, but "Proud to be an American" was no longer the post show music.