A piece of IllumiNations Reflections of Earth pyro launch hardware to be auctioned

Jun 04, 2020 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Posted: Thursday June 4, 2020 12:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers is offering a piece of hardware from the former Epcot nighttime spectacular - IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

Described as "12ft x 12ft Pontoon Marine Equipment, the barge will be sold through a timed auction on the RBAuction website. It appears from the website pictures that there are at least two available.

The "midi barge" was introduced for the Reflections of Earth show back in 1999, and worked alongside the existing "maxi barges" from IllumiNations to offer more pyro launch locations in the center of the World Showcase Lagoon.

Reflections of Earth had its final performance at the end of September 2019, and much of the hardware was scrapped. Some of the smaller pieces were kept, and are now being sold.

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Cre8iveN8ive4 hours ago

I get the passion for the ethical and humane treatment of animals, however, this conversation derailed from the original topic for the thread.

luv house of the mouse5 hours ago

They have stopped the breeding program with the orcas, also like was posted earlier they can't return them to wild as most are not from the wild. That said if they had a big enough enclosure they might be able to retrain them for the wild. but remember they are pod animals so they would need to be either assimilated into an existing pod or make their own. I don't know the science on that but I think I read that is hard to do.

UNCgolf6 hours ago

I don't know -- that would be good though! I don't really keep up with Seaworld news because there's not much there that interests me even ignoring any potential animal welfare issues.

Cre8iveN8ive7 hours ago

That last sentence! Louder for the fans in the back, please and thank you!!!

peter114357 hours ago

Didn’t they end their breeding program a couple years ago?

UNCgolf7 hours ago

They need to stop breeding them in captivity so that they can phase them out. The fact that they are trained for shows is also a potential concern -- they don't use the elephants at AK in circus shows. Regardless, I'm not sure you can build a tank large enough to comfortably keep orcas in captivity. But it's certainly a complicated subject that doesn't need to be hashed out here.

flynnibus9 hours ago

The lower something is.. the harder it is for people to see it. Remember, the viewing area is raised above the lagoon... and you have people several rows deep. Putting it right on the water line would make it that much harder to see.

techgeek16 hours ago

Convert WS lagoon to a salt water habitat and buy out Sea World. Orcas get tons of room and a big Stargate hoop to jump though - it’s a win for all! ... joking aside, it’s a complicated matter compounded by the fact that it’s not likely viable to return these orcas successfully to the wild. Many were born in captivity and literally know no other way. Mistakes were made in the past, but I don’t think boycotting their current management makes amends for that and may actively hurt the long term care of these individuals. I think their ambassadorship is an important role, which can also be said for many of their land mammal counterparts over at AK. It’s a nuanced subject for another thread.

UNCgolf20 hours ago

It could be, depending on the mammal and the conditions. I don't think there's any feasible way to keep an orca in acceptable conditions in captivity, though.

larryz20 hours ago

Are you saying it's OK to keep sea mammals if they don't use them in shows?

DCBaker21 hours ago

jrhwdw1 day ago

Primary Pyro Barges now out on WSL, getting close to Testing Nights???

pdude811 day ago

They definitely went all in on the show at the expense of all other sightlines. The rig is so big that you can see it with multiple buildings in between

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Hmmm... I thought the goal of Topolino's was to see the whole lake as a selling point for evening fireworks viewing.