Reserved viewing area changes for IllumiNations show at Epcot

Jun 05, 2018 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Posted: Tuesday June 5, 2018 10:48am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The reserved viewing areas for IlliumiNations Reflections are being adjusted this week to bring them all into World Showcase Plaza.

Theme Park Extra guests will now be located near to the Canada boat dock on the right side of Showcase Plaza. Learn more about Theme Park Extra.

FastPass+ viewing remains in the large area the front of World Showcase Plaza between the two gift shops.

Frozen Ever After Dessert Party guests will continue to use the area near the Disney Traders gift store on the left side of Showcase Plaza.

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geekzaJun 07, 2018

I'm 6'3", so BOOYAH! Honestly, I'm tall enough that if someone shorter is stuck behind me, I'd offer to switch them places. I'll probably be fine anywhere as long as an NBA player isn't in front of me.

larryzJun 07, 2018

This only works if the people in front of you aren't taller than you are.

tissandtullyJun 07, 2018

Illuminations FP is the best use of the 4th FP at Epcot. I couldn’t imagine getting it as one of the first three. Always been able to get it later in the day with the refresh trick.

biggy HJun 06, 2018

The fastpass area is on a slope so helps to get a better view when standing at the back as you can see over everyone standing in front of you unlike every where else around worldshow case.

ABQJun 06, 2018

Be interesting to see how many folks are in the Theme Park Extra area, curious to know how well that's selling, and hopeful that it's not selling well at all. Just my personal opinion.

HerdmanJun 06, 2018

We used our 4th FP on Illuminations on our recent trip, and I found the area much more conducive to watching the show. In the past if we just stopped at a spot and tried to watch I just couldn't get into it with several rows of people in front of us. Or, there would always be a tree in the way. I enjoyed the show much better from the FP viewing area.

Biff215Jun 05, 2018

LOL. Have you seen some of these reserved viewing areas? I'm not sure it's that big of an advantage.

larryzJun 05, 2018

Some people want to see it without any riff raff between them and the action.

ThatMouseJun 05, 2018

Reservations? You just stop and turn your head when it starts.