PHOTOS - Latest look at Remy's Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT's France Pavilion

Aug 27, 2020 in "Remy's Ratatouille Adventure"

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure construction - August 26 2020

Here is a latest look at the progress on Remy's Ratatouille Adventure in the France Pavilion at EPCOT.

Despite work resuming last month, the project remains a couple of months behind schedule from the COVID-19 shutdown and subsequent restrictions on numbers of workers on the job site.

Speculation suggests the attraction could be completed around October 2020, which would then leave Disney with the option of when to open it to guests.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the Remy's Ratatouille construction.

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Article Posted: Aug 27, 2020 / 10:04am ET
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marni197138 minutes ago

You don’t need to understand French to understand the ride.

EricsBiscuit6 hours ago

I think immersion is all right to an extent. At some point you just have to accept that it’s a theme park and people expect English in America. I’ve been on Rat before. It’s an awesome ride. I rode it with the expectation that I would find out what the hell they were saying in a couple years. Needless to say, I am now sad.

Giss Neric7 hours ago

Although I know this is a clever excuse for cost cutting, the ride is after all in the France Pavilion. It would make sense to make the ride bilingual as it adds to the immersion. Also if you watch a POV of the ride, the French speaking parts is like 10-20% only.

EricsBiscuit11 hours ago

I disagree. IMO it’s a cost cut that will not play well with most people because most people don’t speak French. It’s nothing against the French language. It’s just that one should tailor their experience to their customers. The customers speak mostly English? Then make it in English.

jmuboy1 day ago

Again - I think the bilingual piece is a great piece of making this even more a simple cultural experience. It’s what the world showcase is about. I’m thrilled the original audio from DLP is being used.

EricsBiscuit2 days ago

TikTok is a disgusting app in so many ways. No surprise Disney is posting on it given their ties to China.

Giss Neric2 days ago

What about your kids? You restrict them from doing what 90% of their peers are doing then?

NateD12262 days ago

Even the Pixar Twitter account is getting in on the fun.

MisterPenguin2 days ago

Perfectly understandable!

Magic Feather2 days ago

To anyone worried about the bilingual audio, the Epcot Experience preview uses the bilingual audio and it uses almost all of the spoken works for the attraction. I haven't heard anyone complaining about not being able to understand it, so I think we're good.

dreday32 days ago

🤣 Nooo! I was saying the person calling you old, all of the sudden when they turn 40 will say it's not old! Hey, I'm mid (ahem) 40's, I'm not young, I'm not old. I merely exist and enjoy myself! :) And I'm impatiently waiting for this ride to open, because I'm not getting any younger!

NelsonRD2 days ago

Thanks, with that, @RichKermitFan, and @MisterPenguin comment, I am going to go have my mid-life crises now. Back to Ratatouille......

Sir_Cliff2 days ago

I would say Ratatouille is far, far better than TLM. Maybe not the most amazing attraction WDI has developed, but at least it's fun. That's a lot more than you can say for TLM.

dreday32 days ago

It's fun to watch people who say that turn 40 and then they talk about how young they are. :D