PHOTOS - Work is moving quickly at Remy's Ratatouille Adventure in Epcot's France pavilion

Feb 26, 2020 in "Remy's Ratatouille Adventure"

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure construction - February 23 2020

Today we have a quick update from Epcot's France pavilion where work is moving at a brisk pace adding the finishing touches to the exterior facades and buildings.

With yesterday's announcement that Spaceship Earth will close on May 26 for a long refurbishment, it seems reasonable to suggest that Disney is expecting Remy's Ratatouille Adventure to be open to guests in May to provide much needed ride capacity for the park. Disney previously stated a summer 2020 opening.

Click the gallery to see the latest pictures of Remy's Ratatouille Adventure.

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Article Posted: Feb 26, 2020 / 10:47am ET
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kinglsyyy7 hours ago

The virtual queue solves this. Not the hugest fan of the ROTR virutal queue, but it does what its supposed to do. You could easly move the entrance to the virtual queue for Remy to either the Crêperie or even the arch way and have more room then ROTR.

Unbanshee10 hours ago

Nobody saw that...because it didn't happen

SoFloMagic10 hours ago

Yeah that's not good. Switchbacks aren't so efficient these days as they lose half the switchbacks to maintain distancing.

castlecake2.010 hours ago

Depending on when the crêperie opens, the line could go around the building and then out the service gate backstage a la Star Wars land. I know that’s not the best show, but if they need room to physical distant it could be a temporary option. They could also just make the whole courtyard and path leading up to it a switchback queue and just leave an exit path. If they got real creative they could use the france islands as more over flow queue and just have to block the promenade every so often to get people across, like during parades....

lazyboy97o14 hours ago

Most of the queue is that coved area next to the crêperie and it is all switchbacks.

Surferboy56714 hours ago

Doesn’t this have a much better queue system though. As in it’s much larger and could hold more guests. Making it less of a problem, still a problem but less of one.

CastAStone1 day ago

This was discussed dozens of pages back and it’s a real problem.

SoFloMagic1 day ago

I mean MMRR probably has similar capacity, right? I'm thinking about those switchbacks in the courtyard at DHS and wondering where on earth they could go in epcot. Does it cross the path and block the international gateway? Or go right and block the entire France pavillion? And can you fit queue and exit traffic, and access to creperie down that access path?

CastAStone1 day ago

My mistake!

lentesta1 day ago

Test and adjust is done. If I said training, I misspoke.

marni19711 day ago


castlecake2.01 day ago

Based on what I’ve seen the last few trips to epcot, the park doesn’t need any help drawing people in at the moment.

FigmentFan821 day ago

kinglsyyy1 day ago

Ok, were do i stand to get "pulled in"?