PHOTOS - Work is moving quickly at Remy's Ratatouille Adventure in Epcot's France pavilion

Feb 26, 2020 in "Remy's Ratatouille Adventure"

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure construction - February 23 2020

Today we have a quick update from Epcot's France pavilion where work is moving at a brisk pace adding the finishing touches to the exterior facades and buildings.

With yesterday's announcement that Spaceship Earth will close on May 26 for a long refurbishment, it seems reasonable to suggest that Disney is expecting Remy's Ratatouille Adventure to be open to guests in May to provide much needed ride capacity for the park. Disney previously stated a summer 2020 opening.

Click the gallery to see the latest pictures of Remy's Ratatouille Adventure.

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Article Posted: Feb 26, 2020 / 10:47am ET
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UNCgolf5 hours ago

Sure, but generally bare wall warehouses aren't attached to old residential buildings. They're in a different part of the city.

Sir_Cliff9 hours ago

Compared to DLR and DLP, I've always felt WDW (and particularly Magic Kingdom) is surprisingly full of these types of exposed bare walls. The backs of the Main Street USA facades were also always visible from certain angles. I don't think this example in the France Pavilion would really register with many people as an exposed, un-themed wall.

Movielover9 hours ago

Are there not bare wall warehouses in Paris? Is absolutely every single wall covered in windows and balcony's?

castlecake2.013 hours ago

That’s what I was saying, before people never really needed to look at it because it was tucked away in a quiet corner, but now with the new entrance over here this wall is going to have a lot more opportunity to be noticed. But sometimes they just hope you don’t see it, like this big wall behind Cheshire, and maybe that’s what they’re going for here too.

MisterPenguin16 hours ago

Since people have buyer's remorse (or they think they dodged a bullet) and can't help comparing the new Beauty and the Beast ride in Tokyo with Rat... I made a separate thread for that...

MisterPenguin16 hours ago

I don't know. What did people do before when it had always looked like that?

castlecake2.018 hours ago

In most cases it wouldn’t bother me too much, like before as it was kinda off to the side and not a focal point, but now everyone walking to this ride is going to see this big blank wall. I know it’s not done yet so I look forward to seeing what happens.

gerarar18 hours ago

It’s still pretty much bare with some trees in the way. Screenshot from a recent MickeyViews video. Some Skyliner shots:

castlecake2.023 hours ago

Anyone seen any picture updates of this area? I’m wondering if it’ll get some more theming or if you’re just supposed to look away.

Ldno23 hours ago

I watched a ride video from Disneyland Paris, yesterday just to hype up this opening, hoping it opens up soon!

Sir_Cliff23 hours ago

Apologies for that, didn't know that was off-topic for this thread.

UNCgolf23 hours ago

They'd need to put them in Italy first.

lazyboy97o1 day ago

There was already a tangent on the ride that was deleted.

Sir_Cliff1 day ago

Maybe a can of worms I shouldn't open up yet again, but now that the BatB attraction that was the other candidate for this spot has opened at TDL, I'm kind of interested to know if those who preferred that option still feel that way: I always thought that Ratatouille fit the pavilion better, but I also kind of think the ride seems a bit more fun despite being less elaborate and technically impressive.