PHOTOS - Aerial pictures of the Ratatouille construction site

Feb 23, 2018 in "Remy's Ratatouille Adventure"

Ratatouille aerial construction pictures - February 2018
Posted: Friday February 23, 2018 11:28am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a latest look at the Ratatouille construction site behind the France Pavilion at Epcot.

The Ratatouille attraction is expected to open in Spring 2020, although Disney is yet to offer any opening timeframe.

Aerial photos for WDWMAGIC by Colin Chardavoyne @cchard.
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Chef idea Mickey`=31 days ago

Why is Disney always responding right after Universal and not vice versa. Mmm

fuentesalexMar 05, 2024

It was. Felt not as immersive and even more like you are just watching a movie during the big screen sections.

marni1971Mar 05, 2024

It’s usually due to projector or glass cleaning maintenance

BasiltheBatLordMar 05, 2024

Not alleged, they're running it as a test until March 9. It's a cost-cutting measure.

Sir_CliffMar 05, 2024

I know they've done this before in Paris due to technical issues, so I'm not sure I'd read too much into it.

aladdin2007Mar 05, 2024

saving expense from replacing and or cleaning the glasses all the time? wouldn't surprise me, cost cutting moves.

Sorcerer MickeyMar 05, 2024

Universal allegedly downgraded King Kong from 3D to 2D as well. What's the trend here?

LittleBufordMar 04, 2024

This seems a bad move to me.

fuentesalexMar 04, 2024

Was at Disneyland Paris today and they are testing the ride in 2D. Anyone know if this change may also be coming to Epcot?

BagOfGroceriesOct 02, 2023

I would love if this starts a new tradition of birthday buttons

Epcot82GuyOct 02, 2023

That is very cool. With all the October 1st openings, it would be cool to see more of this. Like SSE and LwtL 41st, WDWRR and the other MK originals 52. Things like that. It's a great little touch.

gerararOct 02, 2023

I was walking from Pandora to Everest today when I saw this (near park close, like around 6:30pm). Cool of the custodian CMs cleaning up there to do this on WDW's birthday (which shares it with Remy's!)..

BagOfGroceriesOct 02, 2023

To awaken this thread from its long slumber, Cast Members were wearing this neat little button for the ride’s second birthday! Props to the person behind these!

ilovetotravel1977Dec 08, 2022

Those dividers definitely weren't there this past Friday when we road it.