PHOTOS - Ratatouille goes vertical in Epcot's France Pavilion

Apr 20, 2018 in "Remy's Ratatouille Adventure"

Ratatouille vertical construction - April 2018
Posted: Friday April 20, 2018 10:21am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Ratatouille attraction at Epcot's France Pavilion has gone vertical, with construction now visible from various places around World Showcase Lagoon.

Click the gallery for more photos of the latest Ratatouille construction.

The ride, based on the popular attraction found at Disneyland Paris is still some way off from its Walt Disney World debut, with current estimates of a Spring 2020 opening.

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EricsBiscuit12 days ago

Different kinda speed

gerarar20 days ago

Original Concept Artist for the expansion:

WondersOfLife23 days ago

"What screams fast and furious?" "......Party bus."

DisneyDean9724 days ago

Maybe if the ride system was like Test Track, or hell, even something like Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. F&F show building is nearly double the size of RnRC show building (not counting the long launch tunnel), they could definitely fit a sizable GOOD attraction in there.

MisterPenguin24 days ago

They were also expecting F&F to have two hour lines for years and years to come.

marni197124 days ago

F&F was beyond Creatives control.

Movielover24 days ago

They managed to fit Transformers into a similar sized area. I'm consistently impressed at some of the design choices Universal Creative makes to fit things into existing places, which then in turn baffles me when they do the complete opposite like with the Un-Fast and the Furious-less.

marni197124 days ago

If you put the queue below the ride yes.

RSoxNo125 days ago

Is there enough room at Shrek? This looks like a great family friendly ride and something that would be very welcome at USF. It has vibes of Men in Black as well as Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek for me.

Sir_Cliff25 days ago

I don't know, the pacing seems a bit off. The sets look very nice, but the ride itself just seems a bit... slow.

Animaniac93-9825 days ago

Still a HHN house from last year waiting to open on Sep 3?

marni197125 days ago

Planned but currently on hold.

aladdin200725 days ago

agree, and love this ride from the video..I dont know that much about universal but is this planned for orlando as well?...sort of reminds me of the monsters inc dark ride which I never understood why they didn't implement at the studios etc...I just wish Disney would quit being so obsessed with tech tech tech and get back to to creative and imaginative.

CastAStone26 days ago

Half (IIRC?) their daily attendance was APs, which also now don’t exist, and presumably many of them will want to go MUCH less often until they have some sort of subscription attendance plan in place again. I think this makes a ton of sense for DLR. At the same time at WDW, I don’t think they want 100% attendance this fall, because that would mean they’d have to have 100% staff, and 1) that will just be tough to pull off, but 2) they genuinely want the CP and IP and Cultural Ambassadors etc back in the park, that almost certainly can’t happen for fall, and it won’t be possible for January if all of those jobs are filled by Floridians. I also imagine, and to be clear now I’m speculating, that filling certain specific jobs with Americans could have an impact on securing visas for foreign nationals for those jobs in the future.