PHOTOS - Ratatouille construction pictures from the air

Jul 19, 2018 in "Remy's Ratatouille Adventure"

Ratatouille aerial construction pictures - July 2018
Posted: Thursday July 19, 2018 9:43am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction is continuing on the Ratatouille show building at Epcot's France pavilion.

The ride, based on the popular attraction found at Disneyland Paris is still some way off from its Walt Disney World debut, with current estimates of a Spring 2020 opening.

Aerial photos for WDWMAGIC by Colin Chardavoyne @cchard.

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nickys8 days ago

I think you can also try for a BG once you’re in the park. The 1pm drop has sometimes been still open for park hoppers (I don’t think there’s a requirement for a park reservation at 1pm).

RSoxNo18 days ago

Yeah, I watched today. Also the boarding groups were available until 2:37 as well. The date in question has an 11 AM park opening, the other variables we have are a 5:05 Biergarten reservation and a toddler who probably won't make it much past 8 PM.

DCBaker8 days ago

Check over the next few days and see how long Remy remains open - at 10am today, Remy had ILLs available starting around 3:30pm.

RSoxNo18 days ago

I just realized that I'm probably going to face issues getting on Remy if I park hop. The primary date in question is 11/29. Park opens at 11 AM and we're staying off property. We are starting the day at DHS. The plan was to just book an individual Lightning Lane selection, but I forgot about the rule that the park has to be open to book. I'm guessing they will be mostly gone by 11 AM?

SteveAZee8 days ago

Merry Christmas.

MisterPenguin9 days ago

Hmmm... I was expecting garland filled with rat traps and melted cheese and half-eaten slices of pizza...

gerarar9 days ago

Christmas decorations looking swell

michmousefan12 days ago

Rode it a couple of times last week with virtual queue both times. On Monday last week there were lots of breakdowns and our 1pm group wasn't actually called until 7:45pm. On Friday the VQ entry was only about an hour later than the original estimate. On Monday he wait was close to an hour, but the Friday wait was closer to 25 min.

chama115 days ago

I guess I'll have to wait until after the Holidays...

bubbles181220 days ago

We waited 45 minutes after already waiting quite a long time virtually. Which is why we ended up buying LL for the next day. 😐 I did see estimated wait times for the actual queue be up to 60 minutes.

Magical Maddie20 days ago

My next vacation to WDW which will be in 2022 this will be on the tops of my list of things to do. I am very excited for it. Looks like fun to me.

castlecake2.021 days ago

That’s it exactly. It’s not really meant to give you a shorter wait, it’s to make sure the wait isnt longer than what the queue can hold. I’m assuming the negative feedback from not being able to get a boarding group is probably similar to what they’d get with a 3 hour wait all day so might as well not have a line snaking to the UK and causing crowd control issues

DisneyCane21 days ago

I didn't check precisely but it felt long and was well over a half an hour. I don't expect instant access but a VQ to enter a long standby line kind of defeats the purpose. It's really just a capacity limiter. I doubt the wait would be much different if they gave you an "access pass" instead of a specific return time and just let you enter the line whenever you want during the day.

Magicart8721 days ago

I always wondered if this could be remedied by just having larger screen scenes fade out at the edges becoming less saturated, less detailed and darker gradually fading to black to better blend with the black flooring and black HVAC ceiling. A motion blur vinyette -like effect.