PHOTOS - Construction walls down at the entrance to the Ratatouille expansion in the France pavilion

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Construction walls down at Remy's Ratatouille Adventure entrance - January 12 2021

Earlier this week the construction walls came down at the entrance to the Ratatouille expansion at the France pavilion in EPCOT.

The wooden walls have been replaced with rows of movable bushes on wheels, which are typically used by Disney during soft opens and previews when they need to quickly open and close an area. The removal of the walls gives guests a peak at the entrance area through the bushes.

Disney is yet to offer an opening date for Ratatouille at EPCOT, but has committed to open the expansion to the France pavilion in 2021.

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Article Posted: Jan 13, 2021 / 9:54am ET
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castlecake2.022 hours ago

They must all groan when they see me enter the GR lobby these days lol

marni197122 hours ago

Operationally possible. Make sure you let GR know as you politely inform them of your distaste for the lagoon mess.

Bocabear23 hours ago

It is merely a bit more whimsical...not truly cartoon-ified... and TBH the France pavilion was more a "nod" to the Parisian style than any true representation of France... In 1981 the theming looked amazing to us, but tastes and sophistication have changed alot in 40 years... We now expect a lot more in our thematic environments... The Harry Potter sections of Universal are much more detailed than what Disney tends to do... I am pretty darn picky, and I don't find a real problem with what they have done there other than not finishing out around the back of the buildings that are clearly in view... By "Fit the framework" I was referring to having an attraction that literally takes place within the country and location that the pavilion is meant to represent...VS a mythical location that has a vague similarity to... Much like adding a Mary Poppins attraction to the UK Pavilion... I would expect the forecourt of the attraction to have a little bit of whimsy to represent the departure from the dour half-realized architecture of the existing pavilion into a fun new attraction... Having an attraction added to any of these pavilions is not necessarily a departure from the framework of the park as they were all imagined with actual attractions that most of which were not built... We agree that IP for IP sake should not bee the goal, but when they fit the theme and setting of the pavilion, it's not a bad idea...per se

_caleb23 hours ago

The point is that Ratatouille (the film) is not Pixar’s attempt at a photorealistic “Paris but with cartoon people and animals.” Look at the proportions of the buildings and cars in the film, or the exaggerated textures. They intentionally chose a creative way to depict the environment, and that design language is translated to the Ratatouille courtyard expansion area at the France pavilion using a transition that is visible as guests round the corner and look up and toward the back of the courtyard. The idea of implementing transitions from realistic (the norm in World Showcase) to caricature (even if mildly so) is new-ish for Epcot. Up until Frozen in Norway, they had not built cartoon-ified versions of their realistic representations of real places. In Norway, most of the Arendelle design is confined to interior areas-the queue and ride. In Rat, they’re letting the cartoon version blend with the realistic version outdoors. It works well overall, but the blank wall, the 2.5-story windoor, the view from the Skyliner, and other little things stand out in a bad way. Nobody is saying that the WS pavilions are exact replicas, but they were always designed to be realistic facsimiles (scaled for peresentation) intended to make the guest feel as though they were in the represented country. The new Rat courtyard is intended to make guests feel as though they’re in the Paris of the film, vs. actual Paris.

yensidtlaw196923 hours ago

I never said that a greater transition is needed - I literally said the transition was sufficient. But I also said that the need for a transition is telling. The issue isn't that the France Pavilion isn't "literally the country" - the issue is that the Pavilion used to represent a consistent intepretive representation of France, and now that consistency has been broken. The attraction really doesn't fit the framework of World Showcase, as evidenced by the fact that they literally had to change the framework of the France Pavilion by adding a Cartoon-ified section to make sense of it. The problem isn't that the Pavilion isn't exactly like Paris, it's that it's now split into two interpretations of the city that neither match each other nor the thematic notions of the Park.

Bocabear1 day ago

Turning the corner is a perfect transition to add a bit of whimsy to the Parisian setting...I am not sure why there would need to be a greater transition... All of the countries in the world showcase are evocative of the countries they represent and wholly inaccurate... they are merely supposed to represent the style, not literally be the country... This nitpicking of the France pavilion is a bit much. They actually added an attraction that makes sense within the framework of the World Showcase, Made the new attraction plaza attraction and evocative of both the movie and the location, and yet we are picking apart the fact that it is not EXACTLY like Paris....which NONE of the pavilion really is... NONE of the pavilions truly are.. I am glad there is a new attraction and they did a reasonably good job...I wish they would finish the back of the building from the skyliner, but I am more concerned about a lot of other mistakes they have made that are much more egregious.

castlecake2.01 day ago

I wish they’d alternate the shows and have batb at the top of the hour and impressions at the half? Would that be operationally possible?

aladdin20071 day ago

with that sing along crap that took over, will be lucky if they ever show the film at all, and one lousy showing option at night doesn't count. its ridiculous.

atighe421 day ago

Luckily it seems that it is still in the pipeline if they didnt nix it from the Epcot Experience. Fingers crossed. A bit of a stretch, given the circumstances, but is the Impressions de France update still being considered?

yensidtlaw19691 day ago

I enjoyed myself, but the gravity building definitely doesn't feel like a Disney-level attraction. Fun though the spinning was. You're in a warehouse and you can absolutely tell. This is part of what I meant in my above post about some projects needing more conceptual attention - if you have an idea for a ride that takes place in the ocean, but the ride system of choice offers you no meaningful opportunity to create the impression that you're under the ocean . . . maybe you need a new idea.

yensidtlaw19691 day ago

lazyboy97o1 day ago

It's actually a storyline from the comic book. Remy crowns himself Napoleon V and the newly titled Baron Emile sets about remaking Paris. It gets a little dark.

yensidtlaw19691 day ago

Ah - I didn't know about those until looking it up just now. Yeah, it's another nod to the story that doesn't actually make any in-world sense. I suppose we'll see if they turn up in EPCOT. That they go to this sort of trouble but don't give a literal second to making sense of how we enter into the building and suddenly end up on the roof without going up a single step and offer no meaningful transition from us being normal size to us being rat-sized is sort of evidence that the term "Disney Details" is getting confused even internally. I'd forgive a "regular" (in-theme) manhole cover (and fountain) if the conceptual foundings of the project got more attention. This problem exists beyond just Ratatouille.

EricsBiscuit1 day ago

You can see the metal panels of the showbuilding and the track haha