PHOTOS - Construction walls down at the entrance to the Ratatouille expansion in the France pavilion

Jan 13, 2021 in "Remy's Ratatouille Adventure"

Construction walls down at Remy's Ratatouille Adventure entrance - January 12 2021
Posted: Wednesday January 13, 2021 9:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Earlier this week the construction walls came down at the entrance to the Ratatouille expansion at the France pavilion in EPCOT.

The wooden walls have been replaced with rows of movable bushes on wheels, which are typically used by Disney during soft opens and previews when they need to quickly open and close an area. The removal of the walls gives guests a peak at the entrance area through the bushes.

Disney is yet to offer an opening date for Ratatouille at EPCOT, but has committed to open the expansion to the France pavilion in 2021.

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nickys5 hours ago

If they have previews for certain groups, like DVC or AP holders, they have previously announced a registration date that you can sign up for a preview. Given it’s Epcot it shouldn’t be a problem to register and then book a park reservation for that day.

homerdance5 hours ago

How do you get selected if you are a member of the preview group?

GoofGoof2 days ago

Me too…a week later. Anyone know how many people I could get in if it’s a DVC preview? We have 8 people in a 2 bedroom villa but only 4 of us are DVC owners.

havoc3152 days ago

Seems news is that there will be soft open opportunities for AP, DVC, etc… Any word on dates? I’m there in just over 2 weeks….

DCBaker2 days ago

marni197112 days ago

About to the fountain area.

Surferboy56712 days ago

Their was a media event for food and wine, and as part of it they invited the media into the courtyard area for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. They weren’t able to film, so unclear how much of it they were able to see.

oogie boogie man17 days ago

We can have both, real France and ratatouille France. They'd just have to get rid of that Craperie in the back.

doctornick18 days ago

So any talk of any soft openings or any previews prior to October 1? Are cast fully trained able to run it?

Movielover19 days ago

Response from Bob at the meeting... ;)

Inspired Figment20 days ago

I like the Topolino’s Restaurant idea. Or as an exiting experience as you said.but yeah, you definitely wouldn’t want it disruptive to the other patrons

pdude8120 days ago

I was speaking more to the idea of a Chef having fun with guests, as even just Remy showing up would be kind of loud. I'm sure they could work in an exit meet with the character that wouldn't be intrusive, but CDF (from memory, it's been a while) was more of a quiet, serious restaurant. Then again, if they did some sort of breakfast/brunch at CDF or MP with Remy (a la Topolino's Terrace), that could be a big hit that doesn't affect the dinner options.

Inspired Figment20 days ago

Oh, I didn’t mean anything like a loud meet n greet character dancing & singing with guests. But moreso of a quiet, intimate experience with the guests. Much like the original meet n greet with Remy was. Like he was fun with the diners but not in a way that’s super disruptive or loud to the other patrons. It wouldn’t take away from the high quality restaurant, atmosphere, or dining experience I think.. but I get your concerns/hesitation with that concept depending on its execution

ImperfectPixie20 days ago

"Nice French restaurant" and "character" should never be combined.