Pangani Forest Exploration Trail returning to its original name

May 20, 2016 in "Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail"

Posted: Friday May 20, 2016 7:36am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Pangani Forest Exploration Trail at Disney's Animal Kingdom will soon be returning to its original name - Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail.

The exhibit was renamed Pangani back in July 1998, to better represent the fact that the trail was not just home to gorillas.

Eighteen years later, Disney has decided to go back to the original, and from Memorial Day Weekend, it will once again be known as Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail.

Located in Africa, the trail is home to a variety of animals, including gorillas, hippos, African birds and fish, naked mole rats, meerkats and okapi.

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Next Big ThingMay 31, 2016

Unless we have video proof that the Gorilla climbed up and swooped the kid into the enclosure, than no, it's absolutely not the Gorilla's fault. Even if that happened (which it didn't), it's actually still on the zoo for not providing a safe enough viewing area.

No NameMay 31, 2016

LOL. I wonder what people might expect to be rewarded with at the end of that one. :rolleyes:

tirianMay 31, 2016

I prefer being face-to-face with tigers through a glass wall, not to mention the theming. But I do walk both trails because there isn't much else to do anyway. ;) Sorry, I have almost no inside knowledge of DAK except for the Rivers of Light show.

RSoxNo1May 31, 2016

Yes, better theming, not as strong an animal lineup.

The Empress LillyMay 30, 2016

I prefer the Gorilla Falls name! Wish they'd next drop the 'Exploration' bit from the name. Names don't need to be a lengthy exposé of subject matter. ('Peter Pan Movie Fly-Through', 'It's a Small World Colourful Puppets Leisure Cruise') Names aren't neutral. This change might result in attracting more people to the trail, who now spend more time at the gorilla part and less time at the rest of the walk.

Matt_BlackMay 30, 2016

Maharajah has the better set-up though.

jaklgreenMay 30, 2016

I love both Pangani and Maharajah and spend a lot of time there, especially the aviaries. I am OK with less people in the trails. But most just rush through them and do not really see or appreciate all that they have, IMO. All of the detail is amazing. I don't really have an opinion on the name change other then it will probably bring in more people.

Timothy_QMay 30, 2016

He was put in captivity, then shot dead because the enclosure was badly designed. Seems to me humans are to blame on all accounts.

Pumbas NakasakMay 30, 2016

I do, fried grilled boiled or flamed, Im not too fussy.

GoofyernmostMay 30, 2016

And they are right, it is probably caused by sunspots or perhaps listening to politicians. #alwaysbraindead

RSoxNo1May 30, 2016

They couldn't call it CTE, because the NFL and ESPN deny it's existence #Synergy.

RSoxNo1May 30, 2016

I definitely disagree. Pangani has the better animal lineup. Any updates on the Japanese Macaques coming to Maharajah?

Biff215May 30, 2016

Nope, not at all. Don't want to derail this thread, just an unfortunate coincidence on timing as I stated.

Matt_BlackMay 30, 2016

Another video has been circulating online of a four year old boy who fell in a gorilla enclosure and no lethal measures were required. Harambe's death was a result of poor judgment on the part of both the parents and the zoo staff.