Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Pangani Forest Exploration Trail closed for refurbishment (reopening to be confirmed) Sep 03, 2014 to Nov 25, 2014


Pangani Forest Exploration Trail at Disney's Animal Kingdom is found in the Africa section of the park and is a walk through animal exhibit. Along the way, guests will encounter Gorillas, underwater hippo viewing areas, Meer cats, and exotic birds and fish.


Height/Age Requirement: No

Name change

As an opening day attraction, April 22 1998, it was called "Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail." The attraction was renamed to 'Pangani Forest Exploration Trail' on July 27, 1998. The new name was more appropriate as the trail contains many other animals.

Pangani Forest Exploration animal species

African Bullfrog
Kenyan Sand Boa
Keri Bustard
Naked Mole Rat
Nile Hippopotamus
Stanley Crane

African Grey Parrot
African Hoopoe
African Jacana
African White-backed Duck
Amethyst Starling
Bearded Barbet
Black Crake
Brimstone Canary
Carmine Bee-eater
Emerald Starling
Golden-breasted Starling
Hadada Ibis
Hottentot Teal
Lake Victoria Cichlids
Magpie Shrike
Marbled Teal
Olive Pigeon
Pygmy Goose
Snowy-headed Robin Chat
Superb Starling
Taveta Golden Weaver
White-backed Duck
White-bellied Go-away Bird
White-collared Kingfisher