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Jun 04, 2003 in "Mission: SPACE"

MKT: "The premise is that you are on a training mission to mars. You get grouped like ToT, with the numbers. You watch the preshow with Gary Sinise, and he explains the premise behind the X2 shuttles. Then you wait for a few minutes, and go to your numbers loading area. Once there, Sinise pops up on a TV screen and explains the positions of each member in the group. You are assigned positions and wait to board.

Once you board, the vehicle is IDENTICAL to the photos shown on this website.

From there, Sinise explains your duties and whatnot.

Then it begins. You lift off and the rest is hard to explain. I just have to say that it is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going through space. The ride vehicle moves, you go weightless, you weigh more. Those are REAL G's you are experiencing... not a simulator.

Finally, you land on Mars and the ride itself is over. Then on to the post-show. There's a few interactive games and simulations, as well as kiosks to send E-Postcards.

Finally, there's the gift shop... . The merchandise selection is pretty good.. I bought a T-Shirt. AND YOU CAN BUY FREEZE-DRIED ICE CREAM!!!!! "

MKT: "...the ride itself.

You take off, and head into space. You orbit the moon for a second, and then shoot off and go into Hypersleep. You awake from Hypersleep to find a meteor shower around you. The autopilot maneuvers you around it, while the Shields are activated. Once you clear, you are almost in Mars. You can see Mars ahead of you. The navigator turns on the Descent engines, and you shoot forward to mars. Then the guests take control, and with Capcom's help, you steer through a Martian Canyon, and finally land the X2. However, you overshoot your landing, and nearly fall down a Canyon.

Then the ride is over, and on to the post show. There is a fairly big game on the right. Almost like a Space version of Diamonds. Immediately on the left is the children's play area, followed by a Mars Rescuer sort of game (kinda fun though), and Finally the postcard kiosk.

Then the gift shop. It has the required T-Shirts, License Plates, Pins, and stuff. It also has Model X2's and (like I said before) Freeze Dried Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate Chip were the ones I remember. I think there was also a Fudge somewhere)"

FantasiaBoi: "The queue area is really nice. It looks as if it will be half inside, half outside. The inside part is really cool. Once you get close to the ride, you pass what looks to be the Control Center... and actual CM's are working in it. The side of the console that faces the guest is all done up with mockup controls and whatnot, the side that we can't see is probably the rides equivalent of the control tower.

I didn't like how when we were sent off to stand on the numbers... the numbers are VERY close to each other, and I felt kind of cramped. I like my personal space, you know? (By the way, I was not cramped at all inside the ride itself) This part of the ride, I felt there could have been more. You wait and wait and wait... then the pre-show comes on... and it ends, and you wait some more and wait some more. Make the video longer, so the waiting doesn't feel so long.

From the numbers, you then proceed into another room (Actually, its a hallway), with more numbers. I can see how this might cause confusion with some other guests... The video screen that was in this second "hallway" was on the blip... wasn't as clear as it should have been, and was flickering and whatnot. I hope they fix that.

There's a lot of following arrows, lines, and numbers. Our "team" managed just fine, but I could see how some guests may have trouble.

The ride itself is amazing. At the end, I was a little queasy for about a half hour... nowhere near creating a mess or anything... It was all good though. I'm thinking those who get motion sickness easily might want to bypass the ride, and go to the post-show area. (By the way, I can do Star Tours just fine... but I cannot do Body Wars)

One thing that I really liked... inside the pod... they had fresh air blowing on you... similar to if you turn on the air in an airplane. I thought this was a nice touch, and probably helps with the motion sickness."
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